Tutorial : Writing Cold Email That Sells SMMA Services [Cold Email Teardown]

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November 7, 2023

Selling your Social Media management services (SMMA) to B2B companies in the $1-5M revenue bracket can be challenging.

Most decision-makers are swamped with countless emails promising excellent social media results.

So, how do you write a cold email that stands out in your lead's inbox and brings you replies?

Check out how Estefa, CEO of Naked Sales lead gen agency, breaks down a bad cold email example and her improvement tips!

Cold email mistakes to avoid if you want to book more meetings

Here's a cold email that targets decision-makers from tech B2B companies with between $1-5 M in revenue 👇

Let's see what mistakes Estefa recommends you avoid if you want more replies:

Mistake #1: Not believable reference

If you actually didn’t talk to the person you’re mentioning, don’t bring it up. This can lead to interpersonal friction.

Mistake #2: Repetitive personalization

The company name is mentioned 3 times. Just because you are repeating a custom variable doesn’t make your email feel more personal. Instead, introduce multiple different variables about your lead to show you did proper research about them.

Mistake #3: Criticizes the reader

People don’t like to feel judged or criticized even when there is room for improvement. Instead, rephrase it to make it sound less negative.

Mistake #4: Requires too much work for each lead

Crafting a personalized website for each lead might be too time-consuming. Instead, you can focus on only highly qualified ones and create lemlist’s dynamic landing pages in just a few minutes.

How to write a cold email for a high conversion rate

Here’s how Estefa would rewrite this cold email and her tips for more replies:

Tip #1: Add relevant insight with no big assumptions

After you figure out your niche audience’s focus, bring an insight in a natural tone, without making any assumptions. You can ask a question to confirm their objective.

Tip #2: Mention pain point they have overcome

By focusing on the pain they overcame, you show your leads you understand well their challenges and background, and you know what you’re talking about.

Tip #3: Mention pain point they haven’t overcome

Once you show you understand them, highlight something they haven’t achieved yet. This will make your solution seem more relevant.

Tip #4: Social proof on how you solve it

Mention only the success of relevant companies and businesses that your leads can relate to. This will help you position yourself as credible and trustworthy.

Cold email template to replicate for more replies

Hi {{firstName}},

Saw you’ve built an audience of 1,500 on your LinkedIn page - that’s awesome, I assume you’re looking to attract warm leads organically?

Something we typically see in other recruiting companies is they post regularly - check ✅

However, they struggle to get engagement (comments and DMs) from their content.

We’ve helped other CEOs generate +30 warm conversations every month with content strategies that help virality and interaction.

Would you be open to hear more about it?

+50 Personal Brands Powered through Meaningful Content

The key takeaways

Here are Estefa's key cold email strategies for sealing deals with B2B companies:

-> Avoid false references
-> Prioritize diverse personalization over repetitive mentions
-> Construct your message positively, avoiding direct criticism
-> Use relatable success stories as social proof of your performance

You can watch Estefa's full cold email teardown here!

PS: Want more tips? Request outbound experts to review your cold emails here!

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