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3 best influencer outreach email examples for more partnerships

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So, your next marketing strategy is to arrange partnerships with popular influencers in your industry? But - how are you gonna reach out to them? Read this article to find out!

Nearly 90% of all marketers find that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

Also, the fact that 65% of influencer marketing budgets will increase in 2020 says a lot about the influencers campaign's success in the past.

Your goal with influencer outreach emails is to increase your brand awareness or get more sales by collaborating with them.

Influencers are receiving huge amounts of emails daily by companies trying to reach them for collaboration.

You don’t wanna be a bad guy and boring spammer like most of them are, right?!

Also, they are approximately accepting nearly 25% of collaboration requests - according to the same research.

They don’t work with everyone. They only do it with companies that are getting along with their brand and lifestyle.

So, choose wisely.

You have to be a great fit for them to expect that they will even negotiate with you.

That’s why good research is crucial in this process.

Let’s say you did it well, and that you have all the needed information about the ones you’re trying to reach.

Still, you don’t have any idea how to properly write your influencer outreach email template.

Well, today is your lucky day and we are here to help!

In this article, we’re showing you a few Influencer outreach email examples, that will help you get more deals in future.

At the end of reading this, you'll be able to use our own influencer outreach email templates, get an amazing reply rates and close more partnerships.

Let’s get started.

3 best influencer outreach email examples of all time

In this part below, we’ll present you our 2 influencer outreach email templates that could get you new influencer collaborations if you use them well.

1.Show them that you share the same values

Like Robert B. Cialdini wrote in his book:

“We like people who are similar to us. This fact seems to hold true whether the similarity is in the area of opinions, personality traits, background, or lifestyle.”

Robert B. Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

If you show them that you’re similar to them (but only if you really are) you have much better chances to get their “Yes”.

Let’s see this influencer outreach email example:

Subject line: {{firstName}} + {{YourCompany}} = Collaboration?

Bonjour {{firstName}},

I am {{YourName}}, the {{JobTitle}} of {{YourCompany}}. We are a company that [what you do and how it is related to him/her].

Through our products and services, companies like[companies/clients you’ve helped] have been able to [how your product helped them] and their customer relations have improved significantly.

We realised that we could be a super fit  for collaboration [write why do you think that and benefits he/she and his/her audience has from it]. We have some ideas, and we would also like to hear you to get a perfect solution for both sides.

So, if you are interested in helping us market our products/services via your network to reach out to our target audience, let us know when you’re free for meeting.

And yeah… choose your pill:

Custom image in cold email template

I hope to hear from you soon.

hanks in anticipation,

Good thing about this email template is that you’ve talked about your potential partner most of time but through your product, so he would see it as a good fit for him or his audience.

As you can see, this influencer outreach email template uses the personalized image to engage with your potential influencer.

Certainly - you won't like to create each image naturally for every prospect.

It would definitely be boring and time-consuming.

But fortunately, lemlist - on of the best mailshake alternatives - is here to make the process easy. Our algorithm and email template editor allows you to create images and personalize them on scale for each influencer prospect.

2. "Will you marry me" influencer outreach cold email template

In the process of searching, planning and trying to get Influencers, you can follow their work for a couple of weeks.

Save posts which he/she posted on LinkedIn/Instagram/other channel, and which could be used later for cold email.

Subject line: {{FirstName}}, will you date us?

Hey {{FirstName}},

Couple of our teammates have been following your work for a while, and we agreed that [what is that he’s doing great and why you think it’s great]

I know that you're wisely choosing the companies you want to collaborate with. That's why I needed to reach out to you about a product that your audience would definitely get a lot of value out of.

Our product is [tell them about the product and the way it could help them and their audiences]

As our partner, you'll earn a commission for each customer you bring to us.

Cold email template with personalization

If this sounds interesting to you, tell us when are you available for a quick chat some time next week?

We’re expecting your thoughts,

This email template is intriguing, engaging, and funny. Hence, it will make your potential partner intrigued on what you have to offer.

3. "Let's not be awkward" influencer outreach email example

Personally, this is one of my favourite influencer outreach email templates you can use.


Because it's funny, engaging, intriguing, and most importantly, very personalized.

Let's see it:

Subject line: One "not awkward" question for you

Hi {{firstName}},

I know that you hate cold emails and that you probably receive a bunch of them everyday. So to make this less awkward - I just wanted to show you how we at {{yourCompany}} are the big fans of your content!

Personalize cold email outreach example

Yeap - that's me adoring your Instagram content :) I especially loved the last post about [explain her/his last post and why you liked it]

Anyway - to keep this short. We're building [explain your product and what it does].

I think it will be a great fir for your target audience because [say the reason].

Will you be open for a quick chat next Tuesday?


As you can see, this influencer outreach email template requires a lot of research.

You will need to go through each of prospect's social media account and take screenshots.

But, guess what?

You will definitely get high open and reply rates, which means that you will be able to close more partnerships with your influencers.

Sit down, work hard and see the magic happen!

The bottom line

As you start researching for influencer marketing partners, you would know exactly what’s the best way to offer them collaboration. When that moment comes, you could use one of these influencer outreach email templates:

  • First one to show them that you share the same values
  • The second one to tell them on humoristic way that you would be great partners if they decide to work with you
  • And the third influencer outreach email example to make them smile and show that you care about their content by using in-deep personalization.

We used this article to show you two effective influencer email outreach examples so you could adjust them to your business.

If in some cases, you don’t get response from some part of them, try to test some of follow-up emails to inspire them to respond.

We hope these influencer outreach email templates will help you get some new partners, and we would love to know, which template will you adjust firstly to your campaigns?

Also - make sure to write follow up emails or use some of our follow-up email templates to improve your reply rates even more.

Whatever you choose - make sure to use personalized images - because they're literally skyrocketing your reply rates and helps you to close more deals.

You can see the magic of personalized images in our 14-day trial.

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