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LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Worth In B2B Social Selling

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool designed to refine digital networking and sales prospecting.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator in B2B social selling: LinkedIn has introduced its Sales Navigator platform aiming to transform how businesses connect with potential clients.
  • LinkedIn in professional networking: LinkedIn's dominance in networking provides the atmosphere for Sales Navigator to thrive and deliver value to its users.

But an important question still arises:
Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator worth it? 

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is one of LinkedIn’s paid tools designed for sales teams.

Among its key features, you can find… 👇

The Origin and Evolution of Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator was born for sales professionals to establish and grow relationships with prospects.

Over the years it has evolved, offering features such as advanced searches, detailed metrics and insights, and it has included InMail in the deal.

Its evolution reflects LinkedIn's commitment to empowering sales professionals with actionable insights and meaningful connections.

Free LinkedIn Account vs LinkedIn Premium

While LinkedIn Premium offers a series of very beneficial features, your free LinkedIn account offers some very solid features as well.

However, they may come up short depending on your need.

We will be looking at four basic features that appeal to everyone:

  • Profile Views

With LinkedIn’s free plan you generally receive a notification such as this:

Generally, you will not be able to see who exactly has viewed your profile, but you may be able to see where they work or at least in what industry.

However, with LinkedIn Premium you get a detailed report of who has viewed your profile.

Source:  LinkedIn

This is beneficial if you want to use those views as a stepping stone to reach out to them and expand your network through their previous engagement.

However, if you’re not really planning on doing anything with that information it may not be a deciding factor whatsoever.

  • Searches

The amount of searches you do with your free LinkedIn account is very limited.

You are only allowed 12-15 searches a month.

Whereas with a Premium Account, you can have unlimited searches.

This is beneficial when you’re building your own database through LinkedIn searches.
It’s also worth the investment if you are a recruiter or a job seeker, as you will be able to expand your search and find that perfect candidate.

However, if you don’t want to upgrade based just on the search amount, we have two tricks to work your way around it.

1. Go to “Manage my network” where you will still be able to access some profiles until your searches are renewed.

  1. Invest in an all-in-one tool such as lemlist, with a built-in B2B lead database.

Check out this video to learn about this new feature! ⬇️

  • Search Filters

LinkedIn’s basic search filters are quite solid, however, they are limited to location, company, previous company, and not much else.

So basically you’ll need to have a pretty clear idea of who you’re looking for to be able to get what you need.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Premium’s search filters are much more expansive, so you can just play around with the filters and get exactly who you need without having heard of them first.

  • Messages

The LinkedIn free account offers Direct Messages.

A messaging system that allows communication between connected members.

On the other hand, with InMail, LinkedIn Premium’s messaging system, you can message anyone outside of your network.

Concerning messages, we do have to admit that LinkedIn Premium kicked it out of the park.

Still not convinced? Read a bit more about the difference between direct messages and InMail.

How Does Sales Navigator Help Business Operations?

The allure of Sales Navigator lies in its premium features, which are tailored to supercharge a company's sales pipeline.

From advanced search filters to lead recommendations and InMail messages, these features aim to facilitate a more efficient and effective sales process.

Sales Navigator helps businesses keep track of their past and present connections.
Leads can be classified separately from the rest of your network so you don’t have to keep track yourself.

The decision to invest in Sales Navigator should be informed by a clear comprehension of how its features can be leveraged to enhance your company's sales strategy and the potential return on such an investment.

Sales Navigator’s ROI

When considering the adoption of any new tool, especially one as robust as Sales Navigator, it is crucial to assess its return on investment (ROI).

This assessment helps businesses understand whether the benefits derived from the tool justify the cost associated with it.

How can the Sales Navigator LinkedIn Premium Tool Improve Business Profitability and Efficiency?

To gauge the ROI of Sales Navigator, specific metrics such as lead conversion rates, deal closure times, and sales cycle lengths can be monitored.

Case studies and reviews from various companies provide real-world insights into how Sales Navigator has influenced these metrics.

By analyzing this data, businesses can determine the tangible impact Sales Navigator has on their sales processes and overall profitability.

Many users report increased efficiency in prospecting and a higher quality of leads, which often translates into improved profitability.

These firsthand accounts underscore the potential of Sales Navigator to transform a company's sales strategy and yield significant returns on the investment.

You can flip through G2 or Capterra and read the many reviews posted about Sales Navigator to help you make an informed decision.

Tips and Tricks for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With the right strategies, businesses can tap into the advanced features of Sales Navigator to pinpoint ideal prospects and cultivate valuable connections.

Advanced Features for Focused Lead Generation

The power of Sales Navigator lies in its advanced search capabilities that allow for precise targeting of leads.

These features require understanding the specific filters and search criteria that align with your business goals.

By refining searches to include industry, company size, function, and even seniority level, Sales Navigator enables users to create a highly focused list of potential leads, making the outreach process more efficient and effective.

Use TeamLink to Align Your Sales Team and the Company's Networking Objectives on LinkedIn

TeamLink is a standout feature of Sales Navigator that extends the reach of your network by leveraging your team's collective connections.

This tool can help you reach prospects through your team's networks, facilitating warmer introductions and increasing the likelihood of successful engagement.

Aligning your sales team's efforts through TeamLink can significantly enhance your overall networking strategy on LinkedIn.

Source: LinkedIn

Follow these steps to find TeamLink referrals:

  1. Go to the Lead Search Tab in Sales Navigator.
  2. Select your accounts in “Account Lists”
  3. Under the spotlights filter, add “with TeamLink intro.” Don’t forget to apply the “removed viewed profiles” filter so you don’t get the same people constantly.
  4. Save your new list to a search. Remember to review it every continuously.
  5. Add the new leads to your CRM using CRM sync.
  6. Add the contacts to an Outreach sequence.

Draft Engaging Interactions with Potential Prospects on Your LinkedIn Profile

Engagement is at the heart of social selling, and Sales Navigator can help craft compelling messages that resonate with your prospects.

We’ll leave you this video so you can easily get 5 templates to start your cold messaging! ⬇️

By using insights gleaned from Sales Navigator's rich data on user activities and interests, personalized messages can be tailored to each prospect.

This personal touch can greatly increase response rates and foster meaningful relationships that lead to sales opportunities.

Sales Navigator’s Challenges

While LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed to streamline the sales process, users may encounter certain challenges that can impact its overall effectiveness.

It is crucial to understand these potential obstacles and how they can be overcome to ensure the success of your social selling initiatives.

Analysis of Common Criticisms

One common criticism of Sales Navigator is its cost, especially for small businesses or individual users.

PlanPriceSales Navigator Core$99.99/monthSales Navigator Advanced$149.99/monthSales Navigator Advanced Pluscustom price

While the investment may seem substantial, the advanced features and targeted lead generation capabilities often justify the expense for those who use it effectively.

Additionally, some users find the platform complex and challenging to navigate. However, with proper training and regular use, the learning curve can be overcome, unlocking the tool's full potential.

Integrations and Customizations to Enhance Your Sales Navigator Account

To maximize the value of your Sales Navigator account, it's beneficial to utilize its integration capabilities with other software, such as CRM systems.

This can streamline workflows and maintain a centralized database of prospect interactions.

Customizing alerts and preferences within Sales Navigator can also keep you informed about potential opportunities and ensure you're always prepared to engage with prospects at the right time.

Source:  LinkedIn

You can also bookmark your alerts so you can save them and go back to them whenever you need.

Identifying Solutions

Efficiency is key when using any sales tool, and Sales Navigator is no exception.

It's important to adopt usage strategies that don't waste time and focus on high-value activities.

This includes setting aside dedicated time for prospecting, using saved searches to monitor key accounts, and scheduling regular reviews of your Sales Navigator usage to refine your approach continually.

Key Takeaways

Industry experts often highlight the unparalleled access to LinkedIn's network that Sales Navigator provides.

With its advanced search capabilities, personalized algorithm, and InMail features, the tool is designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of your sales outreach.

However, the true value is realized when these features are leveraged by a well-trained sales team that can utilize the tool to its full potential.

Ultimately, we do think LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a worthy investment for businesses serious about B2B social selling.

It offers a specialized set of features that, when used correctly, can significantly improve lead generation and sales processes.

However, it's crucial to recognize that Sales Navigator is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

It is most beneficial for companies with dedicated sales teams that are looking to expand their reach within LinkedIn's professional landscape.

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