3 tips to stop your cold emails from going to spam

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  • 3 tips to stop your cold emails from going to spam
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How to get replies by teasing the prospect's desired outcome

If your cold emails are vague, generic, and don’t catch your prospect’s attention, there are low chances of getting any replies.

No replies → No meetings booked → No sales closed → 0 business growth

So, how do you grab prospects’ attention and push them to open and reply to your message?

➡️ Tease their desired outcome

Here's a cold email example with 81% open and a 37% reply rate.

It shows clearly what's in it for the prospect, so let’s see why it worked and how you can replicate it in your next campaigns 👇

#1 Tease desired results with a catchy subject line

→ Mention prospects desired outcomes in the subject line to trigger curiosity and encourage them to find out more.

#2 Set the right tone with a friendly greeting

→ “Hi” with the prospect's name is always a safe option as it's friendly but not too casual, and grabs their attention.

#3 Find common ground with a personalized intro line

→ Show you did your research and mention something you have in common to build trust and relevancy.

#4 Build a relationship with a prospect-centered pitch

→ Prove you're there to help rather than sell by giving free value before they become your customers.

P.S. Use personalized elements, such as images, to show you're willing to go the extra mile.

#5 Boost replies with conversation-starter CTA

→ Instead of asking a vague question or being pushy with booking a meeting, start a conversation with a straightforward question.

#6 Stand out from the crowd with sign-off

→ Use a different sign-off than “Best” or “Cheers” as they might be overused and make your email feel generic.

P.S. Email signatures with many links and graphics can easily distract the prospect from your message and the next step. Keep it simple with only the most necessary information, such as your and your company's name.

If you want to get more tips on structuring the perfect cold email to boost your replies, check out this free guide ⬇️


3 tips to stop your cold emails from going to spam

If you don't get any replies from your audience, there's a huge chance that your emails land in the spam folder without you even knowing it.

The ability of your emails to land in your audience's inbox depends on your email deliverability. If your deliverability score is low, you won't be able to reach your prospects and open new business opportunities.

Here are 3 ways to avoid spam and improve your email deliverability:

#1 Don't use spam words

There are words in your emails that can trigger spam filters and land your emails in the spam folder.

The overuse of these “spam trigger words” ruins your deliverability.

Here's a list of the top 12 spam words to avoid in your emails:

#2 Follow proper sending practices

An underrated action that helps you avoid spam is sending emails correctly. Keep a natural pace that matches human behavior while sending emails.

Here are some sending tips to avoid the spam folder:

  • send between 50-200 emails per day, per address
  • don't send all emails at once; spread them throughout the day
  • for every 200 emails you send, aim to get at least 50 replies

#3 Add an unsubscribe button

An unsubscribe button allows your subscribers to opt out of receiving your emails. You can remove them from your email list and prevent getting spam complaints.

This is important no matter the type of emails you send: cold emails, newsletters, transactional emails, etc.

To reach your target audience and get more replies, check out 7 more tips that will help you avoid spam ⬇️


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