6 LinkedIn message tips to get more replies

 Going multichannel means connecting with your prospects on their preferred channel, which increases your reply chances. 💪

So, what's the best way to approach your leads on LinkedIn so you can book meetings and grow your business?

Here are 6 tips for writing LinkedIn messages that get replies:

[ ] Underline familiar context

[ ] Make your intention clear

[ ] Give a genuine compliment

[ ] Continue conversation from comments

[ ] Show appreciation

[ ] Ask a conversation-starter question

P.S. To position yourself as a credible source of value on LinkedIn and stay on the top of your prospects' minds, follow the 6 steps in this playbook! 👇


 Based on thousands of cold emails we analyzed during the past years, we figured out that the best-performing endings are helpful rather than pushy.

Instead of asking for a meeting immediately, offer genuine value first. This will tell you if your prospects are interested at all.

When you prove you’re trying to help, rather than signing one-off deals, your chances of getting a reply increase! 🙌

Let’s check out this example that got lemlist user Alan 51% reply rate:

Why did this closing line work?

✔️ Alan didn’t write “Can you add the link please” which wouldn’t include what’s in it for the prospect. Instead, he asked if the link would be useful, which completely changed the approach and put the focus on the customer.
✔️ There's no meeting or demo request that makes the first cold email sound sales-y. Instead, he focused on building relationships first.
✔️ He sticks to a single, clear CTA that helps prospects understand what’s the next step in less than 3 seconds.

To get more closing line tips like this, check out these 7 tips on how to end an email and increase your reply chances! 👇


 Did you know that almost half of your email deliverability success depends on your technical setup?

It’s the second most important element to help your cold emails skip spam and reach your target audience! 🤯

Here’s 3 step process to test & improve your deliverability setup in less than 5 mins:

Step #1: Go to lemstack's Deliverability setup checker
Step #2: Add your domain and watch the tool perform main checks
Step #3: Spot any issues and get your step-by-step instructions for a fix


P.S. If you don’t feel like solving it yourself, you can complete the form at the bottom of the page and send instructions to your IT team!


Take care,

G and the team

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