How to define your target audience to attract more sales

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Top sales advice for getting more replies

How to define a target audience to attract more sales?

If you’re sending cold emails but not getting replies, you might be targeting the wrong prospects. And reaching out to the wrong people translates into low reply and conversion rates → no sales → no business growth.

By clearly defining your target audience, you can:

✓ save time on people who’ll never become your customers

✓ automate lead generation by personalizing at scale

✓meet your customers’ needs more precisely

… which helps you give more value to the right people and generate more sales!

So, what’s the easiest way to find and research your target audience to get more replies? 🤓

Step #1: Create a list of your best current customers

From the list of your current clients, extract the ones that:

  1. gain the most value from you
  2. have been the longest with you
  3. bring you the most profit

Don’t have any clients yet? Here’s how to find the best potential customers:

  • join social media communities (such as lemlist family) to share your ideas and analyze interested members
  • read through discussion sites like Reddit and Quora to see whose pain points your product solves
  • create your own community and explore who’s engaging with your content

Step #2: Analyze their attributes to establish your ICP

Once you have a list of your best (potential) clients, research their attributes and gather the common ones.

To find your perfect company fit and generate replies, follow this process:

Those attributes make your ICP, and you can use them when searching for new potential customers, as they will likely become your best clients too.

P.S. To find your prospect’s info easily and increase your reply chances, use LinkedIn search by following
this guide.

Step #3: Create your buyer persona

Now that you have determined your ICP (the companies you want to work with), you want to figure out which employee to contact (= your buyer persona).

To save you hours of research and boost your reply chances, we’ve prepared this free, step-by-step guide to define your ICP and buyer persona:

You'll get:

✓ How to define the companies you want to target (your ICP)

✓ How to define the people you want to get in touch with (your buyer persona)

✓ How to segment buyer personas into tiers for best outreach results

➕  access to the buyer persona template that got us 20k+ customers


Spotted in the lemlist family

5 steps to generate more replies on your sequences

Want to create a sequence that will boost your reply rates and get more meetings booked?

Here are the hacks from our live campaign tear-down that will help you generate sales.

Pro tip: To get the most out of these tips, open your
campaign editor and make the changes as you read them. Time block 30 mins, and knock out one sequence you can send already this week and get lots of replies. 🚀

1️⃣ Add a pattern interrupt to your intro

→ start your email with a question to trigger curiosity

e.g. “hi {firstName} out of curiosity, {question}”

→ start with an icebreaker instead of a greeting to stand out

e.g. “Last night’s event was a blast! Remember when {situation}”

2️⃣ Make your copy relevant to your ICP

→ mention relevant targets to find common ground

e.g. “{ICP} generate 5-10 calls per week with these outreach templates”

→ use social proof to build credibility

e.g. “don’t take it from me, {competitorCompany} did {outcome} with {product}”

Pro tip: Give a dollar value to your message - count each word as 25 cents, and have a goal to keep it under a certain dollar amount to provide the most value in less copy.

3️⃣ Change your follow-up style

→ instead of asking if they got your email, ask for feedback

e.g. “hi {firstName} - any feedback on my email?” or “any feedback on the resource I sent?”

→ go multichannel to increase your reply chances

distribute the same message on LinkedIn without mentioning failed email attempts

Pro tip: try using voice notes or videos in follow-up to catch your prospect’s attention and get more replies.

4️⃣ Modify your breakup to leave people wanting more

→ include two links to content & LinkedIn

e.g. “Hi {firstName} looks like {offer} is not of interest right now. To help you out with {painPoint} here’s {content} that gave value to other people like you. Here’s my {linkedin} if it ever comes up.”

→ don’t be a digital beggar

if they finally don’t respond, give people leave behind to avoid positioning yourself as too pushy

5️⃣ Re-work your subject line at the end

→ write your subject line last after writing the email as it should be based on the value prop in your email

e.g. if the outcome in your pitch is getting a lot of video views, use the subject line “let’s get millions of views for {companyName}” - this will intrigue your prospect and make them open and read the rest of the email

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