How to find 80%+ valid emails in one click

Too many cold emails start with “Hi, my name is…” or “To introduce myself…”

Prospects aren’t interested in who you are and what you do. They’re interested in how you can help them achieve their goals. 💡

To measure this, we grouped emails by how frequently they talked about the prospect. To quantify “mentioning the prospect,” we measured the number of times the email included the word “you,” “your,” “yours,” etc.

And we found that, out of millions of cold emails, the ones that most mentioned the prospect got the highest average booking rates:

So what does this mean for your cold email copywriting?

Make your prospect the focus of every cold email, not you.

Here’s an example:

Here, Gina starts her email with a long section talking only about herself and her company. There is no hook to draw the reader in, nor is it immediately clear what her connection is to the prospect.

Here’s another version of the same outreach email, this time focusing on the prospect:

This email only mentions the sender’s company one time and devotes the rest of the email to the prospect’s company and needs.

She shows that she knows the prospect by congratulating her on the company’s funding round, and she makes it clear what the prospect can get out of this email.

P.S. To get a full list of copywriting tips that will help you write emails that get replies, check out this guide 👇


We’ve analyzed millions of outreach campaigns to discover that, to the right audience, images increase conversion rates.

In fact, campaigns with images can have as much as a 42% higher click-through-rate than those without them 👇

So, how to use images in cold emails for more replies?

The key is to personalize images for each prospect.

75% of people are more likely to buy from someone who recognizes their name, recommends things based on their profile, and knows their history.

So when you add images to your campaigns, make them specific to the prospect. You can do that by adding text and image variables to the visual itself.

This email campaign got a 92% open rate and a 32% reply rate 👇

Here’s why this image brought a high reply rate:

→ It’s catchy, with a clear call to action

→ It calls out the prospect by name

→ The text communicates the message even if the image doesn’t show up

→ It’s simple and adds to the text, without distracting from it

The personalization worked so well that prospects responded asking for tips 💪

Want to get replies to your cold emails just like Carlota? Check out our full guide on how to add personalized images to your campaigns and book more meetings 👇


Lead enrichment is collecting your contacts’ valid emails & key details such as position, company, industry, etc., to help you:

✔️ reach leads’ inboxes so they can reply and boost your business growth

✔️ understand their pain points so you can personalize your outreach for more replies

But how exactly do you enrich your leads’ information? What’s the easiest method on the market that will save you tons of hours and $$$?

To ensure you find the right outreach contacts without the technical skills or losing time on manual work, you can use lemlist’s Smart Enrichment!

Thanks to the waterfall enrichment method, Smart Enrichment users get 80%+ valid emails compared to other providers’ users that get 15-55%.

This method sources leads' data from the best third-party vendors to get the most emails, with the highest quality, in the shortest time!

That’s the equivalent of having multiple best third-party enrichment tools in lemlist, without spending $50k+ per year!

Here are 3 easy steps to use Smart Enrichment & find contacts that convert:

1. log into your lemlist account, or start your free trial

2. search for your leads on LinkedIn

3. enrich & import your leads with just one Chrome extension

… and get leads’ valid emails & key details, ready to boost your outreach results 🎉

P.S. Every user will get free monthly tokens to try out lemlist's Smart Enrichment on each plan, even during the free trial. And if you need more tokens, you can pay-as-you-go!

Take care,

G and the team

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