How to improve your outreach campaign with A/B testing

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  • How to improve your campaign with A/B testing 
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Top sales advice for getting more replies

How to improve your campaign with A/B testing

A successful cold email is a result of strategically chosen email elements. One wrong CTA or subject line can cost you a reply. So when in doubt - take the A/B test!

A/B testing tests two elements of your cold email against each other to see which one your audience prefers, aka brings more replies and meetings booked.

When done right, it can help you determine your audience's preferences and optimize your future campaigns for better outreach results. 💪

Here’s an example of bad A/B testing that you should avoid:

Why won’t the results from this A/B testing be accurate?

→ The two variables were tested simultaneously (subject line and body copy). This makes it hard to understand which of them influenced different behavior. This means you won't know which one to implement in the rest of your cold emails.

To avoid confusing results, test out one variable at a time:

How can this A/B testing help improve your outreach?

→ In this example, you can see which subject line caused different behavior. From now on, you can push more subject lines like the one that performed better and ensure better outreach results.

Pro tip: For the most accurate results, test your emails with the same audience and use a sample size of at least 100-500 people.

To optimize your sequence for more replies, check out the Multichannel Masterclass. You’ll get a full A/B testing course with many examples and elements to test out. For free. 🤯


Keep your emails away from spam

How to avoid a high email bounce rate

Email bounce rate is the percentage of emails that weren’t delivered to your prospect. This can happen for various reasons, such as an incorrect email address, a full mailbox, a blocked domain, etc.

High bounce rates can damage your sender reputation, which lowers your email deliverability.

Low deliverability → No emails in the prospect’s inbox → No replies → No meetings → No growth opportunities

If you want to reach out to your target audience and grow your business, your bounce rate should be as low as possible.

So, how to keep your email bounce rate at 5% or lower? 🤔

→ Use email verification tools such as Bouncer or Zerobounce

These two tools will help you identify and remove invalid emails within your list and export your clean list to your campaign.

A clean list of verified emails will ensure that you send your emails only to valid addresses and leave a good impression on your email provider.

To get more deliverability tips that will help you keep your emails from spam, subscribe to lemwarm’s weekly newsletter and boost your deliverability. 🚀

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