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What Are LinkedIn Limits and How Can They Affect Your Professional Growth?

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LinkedIn limits how many connection requests and messages we can send, and a recurring question may pop in your head… 👇

Why do LinkedIn Limits Matter?

At first glance, limits might seem like barriers to success, but they are, in fact, LinkedIn's way of encouraging meaningful interactions.

Here's why they are important:

  • They maintain the platform's professional integrity by deterring spam.
  • Limits encourage you to be selective and strategic with your outreach.
  • Understanding limits can lead to more efficient networking practices.

Improve Your LinkedIn Strategy

With the right knowledge and tactics, you will be able to strategically expand your network, engage with peers, and ultimately, catalyze your professional advancement—all within the smart confines of LinkedIn's designed ecosystem.

Optimize Your Profile

An important strategy on LinkedIn is keeping your profile as complete as possible.

When your prospects receive your messages or requests, they’ll be more likely to reply if they see a picture, information about you, post about your work, interests and knowledge, etc.

This is an imperative strategy because it will help you cut down on connection requests and follow-ups.

If you use a picture of yourself, do not a selfie. The picture needs to prove your professionalism.

You’ll also need a compelling and brief headline, a good banner, and an about section, so your prospects instantly know who they are going to engage with.  

Engage First

Sometimes sending cold messages left and right may not be the best solution when trying to keep within LinkedIn’s limits.

So it's a good idea to engage with your prospects before you send a message or a connection request.

This can be done by commenting on posts, whether these are your prospects’ or even those by industry experts, meaning that if someone scrolls through the comment section they will see your comment and your insights, and when you do reach out, you’ll no longer be a complete stranger.

For example, in this post, M engaged with several people who gave her their opinions (and praise) in the comment section.

If they were to contact her later on, she’d feel a lot more inclined to reply as there’s already a sense of “trust”.

Be Organized

Take time every week to plan what your “LinkedIn week” will look like.

When will you be posting?
How many messages do you want to send out daily?
Who are these messages going to?
How many connection requests do you want to send daily?

This strategy will help you follow a schedule and not be all over the place.

You are much more likely to go over your limits if you take each day as it comes.

With lemlist you can set up your schedules directly from our app and manage your cold messaging more effectively.

Use LinkedIn's 'Follow' feature

You can also stay connected with your prospects by hitting the “Follow” button.

Thus you can build a connection without bombarding with connection requests.

This allows you to:

  • Stay updated with their posts and articles without a direct connection.
  • Grow your network subtly by engaging with their content, which can lead to organic connections over time.
  • Expand your influence and reach on the platform without impacting your connection limit.

Following influential people in your industry can be a strategic way to grow your network without adding to your connection count.

LinkedIn Connection Limits

LinkedIn limits the number of connection requests you can send in a week, reinforcing the need for quality over quantity.

Current Weekly Connection Request Limit

As of now, LinkedIn allows users to send a limited number of connection requests each week.

This number may vary based on several factors, including your account's activity and acceptance rates, although it is between 100 and 200.

It's designed to encourage thoughtful networking and discourage spamming users with requests.

Send Personalized Connection Requests to Improve Acceptance Rate

To maximize the impact of your requests with the LinkedIn Connect limit, personalization is key.

Here's how to send impactful invitations:

  • Reference a mutual interest or connection to establish common ground.
  • Compliment a recent accomplishment or article they've shared.
  • Be clear about why you want to connect and how it can be mutually beneficial.

Personalized messages significantly increase the likelihood of your request being accepted, thus improving your acceptance rate and making the most of each connection opportunity.

We value quality over quantity, so take a look at our 10 examples and templates to send your prospect connection requests!

Steps to Prevent Exceeding LinkedIn Limits

Nearing your LinkedIn limits can be a sign of active engagement, but it's important to be careful so you can avoid temporary restrictions on your account.

Recognize Signs of Nearing LinkedIn Connection Limits

LinkedIn provides notifications as you approach your connection request limit.

Keep an eye on these alerts to adjust your networking strategy accordingly. Regularly reviewing your sent invitations and their status can also help you stay within limits.

By keeping to a schedule you can also be aware of how many connection requests you have sent out so you can adjust accordingly.

How to Free Your Account from Temporary Restrictions

If you've been too enthusiastic and hit a LinkedIn limit, don't worry—there are steps you can take:

  • Withdraw pending connection requests that are over a week old.
  • Review LinkedIn's guidelines to ensure future compliance.
  • Contact LinkedIn support to discuss the restrictions on your account.

By taking these actions, you can help free your account from limitations and continue to engage with your network.

Craft LinkedIn Messages Effectively within Limits

With LinkedIn's messaging limits, it's essential to ensure each message is impactful and adheres to the platform's guidelines.

Write Impactful LinkedIn Messages that Avoid Being Flagged

To write messages that get noticed and don't get flagged for spam, follow these tips:

  • Personalize each message to the recipient's interests or professional background.
  • Keep your messages concise and to the point, focusing on the value you're offering.
  • Avoid using overly promotional language that might trigger LinkedIn's spam filters.

By crafting messages that are genuine and relevant, you increase the chances of engaging with your connections and staying within the send limit.

If you need some more help to craft compelling messages check out this video to see the 5 best cold messages! ⬇️

Efficient Use of Audience Segmentation within User Messaging Limits

Segmenting your audience allows you to tailor your messages to specific groups, ensuring relevance and respect for your messaging limit.

Tools like LinkedIn's Sales Navigator can help you segment your contacts for targeted communication.

By understanding your audience and using segmentation, you can send messages that resonate, fostering stronger relationships and maximizing the impact of your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Profile Views Limits

LinkedIn's profile views can be a powerful indicator of your professional visibility and the reach of your personal brand.

However, there are daily limits based on your LinkedIn account tier, and it's important to use them strategically to optimize your growth.

Profile View Daily Limits Based on LinkedIn Account Tiers

With the LinkedIn Basic account, you’ll be able to see your 5 most recent viewers in the past 90 days.

You’ll be able to see profile viewers, interesting views, viewers’ jobs, where they found your profile and job titles.

Whereas with a Premium account, you can see a full list of viewers, trends, and insights from the last year.

Knowing your tier's limit helps to plan your engagement accordingly.

On the other side of the spectrum, with your LinkedIn free account, you can view 500 profiles a day and up to 2,000 with Sales Navigator.

How to Leverage Profile View Data Without Triggering Limits

Profile view data can be leveraged to understand who's interested in your profile and to initiate meaningful outreach.

To do this without hitting the limit, consider the following:

  • Regularly check your profile views within the provided limit to gather insights.
  • Use the data to inform your content strategy, ensuring it aligns with the interests of those viewing your profile.
  • Engage with viewers by visiting their profiles and finding mutual areas of interest, which can lead to more organic connections.

By strategically leveraging this data, you can enhance your visibility and value within the LinkedIn community without exceeding the limit.

Balance Active LinkedIn Profile Engagement and Avoid Excessive Outreach

While engaging with profile viewers is beneficial, it's important to balance your activity to avoid being perceived as overly aggressive, which could lead to restrictions. Here are some tips:

  • Space out your engagement activities to stay within LinkedIn's daily limit on profile views and actions.
  • Focus on quality interactions over quantity to build meaningful connections.
  • Monitor your outreach efforts to ensure they align with LinkedIn's best practices and don't trigger any limits.

Maintaining this balance is key to a sustainable and strategic approach to LinkedIn networking, ensuring you can continue to grow your professional presence effectively.

You can include LinkedIn in your multichannel outreach schedule with lemlist, here’s how ⬇️

Manage Network Growth Within LinkedIn's Connection Limits

Expanding your professional network on LinkedIn is vital for career growth, but it's important to be aware of the platform's connection limits.

Adhering to these restrictions keeps your account in good standing but also encourages the cultivation of a high-quality network.

Concept of LinkedIn Connections Cap

LinkedIn imposes a cap on the total number of connections you can have, which currently stands at 30,000. To manage your network effectively within this cap:

  • Focus on connecting with individuals who add value to your professional life and vice versa.
  • Regularly review your connections to ensure they remain relevant to your career goals.
  • Consider the quality of each connection over the sheer number, as more meaningful relationships can lead to greater opportunities.

By implementing these strategies, you can maintain a robust and relevant network that supports your professional objectives within the LinkedIn connections limit.

Update Your LinkedIn Connections

Over time, some connections may become less relevant to your career path. Pruning your network can help maintain its quality. To do this:

  • Assess your connections regularly and disconnect from those who no longer align with your professional direction.
  • Keep your network dynamic and tailored to your current and future career needs.
  • Remember that a more targeted network can lead to more meaningful engagement and opportunities.

Make Use of LinkedIn Tools

While connection requests are a fundamental part of LinkedIn networking, the platform offers tools designed to enhance your professional outreach beyond just making connections.

These tools can help you strategically manage LinkedIn limits and expand your influence.

Sales Navigator and Other LinkedIn Features

Sales Navigator is a powerful LinkedIn feature that allows for advanced search capabilities, personalized algorithms, and insights into your network.

To make the most of Sales Navigator:

  • Use its advanced search filters to identify and target the right prospects or partners.
  • Take advantage of lead recommendations and save lists to track potential connections.
  • Engage with insights and alerts about your saved leads to maintain relevance and timely communication.

By integrating Sales Navigator into your LinkedIn strategy, you can build a more targeted and effective network within the connection request parameters.

Alternative Strategies

Numerous strategies on LinkedIn can help you grow your professional presence without relying solely on connection requests, such as:

  • Engaging with content by liking, commenting, and sharing can increase your visibility and organically attract connections.
  • Create and publish original content to demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership.
    Check out this video to learn how to become a LinkedIn lead magnet with your posts! ⬇️
  • Use LinkedIn's search functionality to find and join industry-specific groups where you can network and share ideas.

Practical Insights & Strategies

To be able to use LinkedIn effectively you need to understand its limits.

The fist step is having awareness of the specific limits imposed by LinkedIn. These include:

  • Connection requests: The number of invitations you can send in a week. (100-200 per week)
  • Messages: The volume of messages sent to non-connections, depending on your account type. (100-150 per week)
  • Profile views: The number of profiles you can browse through daily without triggering a warning or restriction. (80-150 per week)

By staying informed about these restrictions, you can plan your activities on LinkedIn more strategically and avoid being penalized.

How LinkedIn Limits Have Influenced Other Businesses

Many professionals have found innovative ways to thrive within the confines of LinkedIn's limits. For example:

  • Marketers who focus on crafting compelling content to attract connections, rather than sending mass connection requests.
  • Recruiters who use targeted searches and personalized messages to engage with potential candidates efficiently.
  • Business developers who leverage LinkedIn analytics to understand their network's behavior and adjust their outreach accordingly.

These success stories demonstrate that with the right approach, LinkedIn limits can actually encourage more meaningful and productive networking practices.

Key Takeaways

The key takeaway is the emphasis on quality over quantity in all LinkedIn engagements.

Focus on the quality of each connection and your engagement will be much more successful. Personalized connection requests, thoughtfully crafted messages, and meaningful interactions are the pillars of a robust LinkedIn strategy that respects the platform's limits.

It is important to foster real, genuine connections so you can contribute to a network that's rich in value and opportunities. This approach ensures that your time on the platform is invested in relationships that matter, leading to sustainable community growth.

Remember that LinkedIn's limits are not barriers, but rather guidelines to encourage more strategic and meaningful networking.

LinkedIn can sometimes seem a bit daunting when there are too many open fronts. Which is why at lemlist our aim is to make your outreach as simple as possible. Start your automated outreach today with our free trial!

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