How to spot sales triggers and get qualified leads

To get replies and grow your business with outreach, you have to reach out to the right people at the right time.

You want to identify the triggers that will tell you: “Okay, this lead fits my target, but it also seems like it’s the right timing for them to use my product or service.”

Let’s say you want to target Heads of Sales to sell them a software solution for their teams’ compensation.

Here’s how you can spot sales triggers with Sales Navigator & PhantomBuster ⬇️

[ ] Go to your Sales Nav account, or start your free trial here
[ ] Add your ICP’s role - e.g., the Head of Sales, Director of Sales, etc.
[ ] Choose their location - e.g., New York and Chicago
[ ] Add a maximum and minimum of employees to match your target size

Based on the ICP you created, you can add other criteria too.

Now, you want to identify triggers that will let you know these prospects could be interested in your product/service.

[ ] Add company headcount growth filter

When a team grows, the company either generates more revenue or has more capital to invest in its growth. This trigger indicates your prospects are likelier to reply and buy your product/service.

[ ] Save your search results to the Account list

Now that you found relevant leads, you need to collect them from your Sales Navigator search (AKA scrape them).

[ ] Go to your Phantombuster account, or test it out for free here
[ ] Choose to extract your list with Sales Navigator Search Extractor

The next step is sending those leads the right message that lands in their primary folder.

To help you write emails that get replies and avoid the spam folder so you can get replies, check out this 4-step framework!

In only 45 mins, you’ll get everything you need to get 17-30% reply rates and boost your business growth. For free!

The key to keeping your sales pipeline clean is having efficient sales operations.

But automating complex workflows often requires massive sales ops teams and coding skills..

So how can you clean your sales data without wasting time and money?

Here are 3 tools that will help you

✔️ create a clean leads list
✔️ automate sales workflows
✔️ engage with your prospects efficiently
.. with 0 coding skills required!

#1 Use OpenAI in Google Sheets thanks to Cargo

→ What's in it for you:

  • Automatically classify email responses to engage with your prospects in the most productive way
  • Easily create email copies and icebreakers based on leads' data
  • Automate lead and order management for improved efficiency

#2 Sync leads data with SaaS tools thanks to Hightouch

→ What's in it for you:

  • Enrich your CRM with accurate product data
  • Connect over 150 tools and send structured data from anywhere (even a Google sheet!)
  • Target prospects based on how they use your product

#3 Automate your outreach at scale with lemlist

→ What's in it for you:

  • Hyper-personalize cold emails without manual efforts
  • Go multi-channel and automate follow-ups to get more replies
  • Boost your email deliverability thanks to the lemwarm integration

Discover full list of the top 8 tools that will help you keep your pipeline clean while saving you hours of manual work 👇


Take care,

G and the team

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