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Cold Email Template pour vendre son produit auprès des CFOs

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Why it works

This campaign is specifically designed for CEOs and Founders who have recently secured funding and are looking to optimize their cash flow and accelerate growth. It employs a multi-step email strategy, complemented by LinkedIn outreach, to engage the target audience. The campaign starts with a congratulatory email that introduces the unique value proposition of transforming recurring revenue into immediate cash flow. Subsequent emails and LinkedIn messages serve to reinforce the message and offer further insights into the benefits of revenue-based financing.

The main assets of this campaign is the 90 days reminder that triggered 70% of the meetings booked.

Learning about this campaign

The campaign aims to engage CEOs and Founders post-funding round, offering them a complementary financing solution to equity-based funding. It uses a series of carefully crafted emails and LinkedIn messages to explain how revenue-based financing can extend a company's runway and reduce the overall cost of capital. The campaign also provides educational content, such as articles, to help the target audience understand the benefits of this financing model.

When to use it

This campaign is most effective when used shortly after a company has completed a funding round. It is designed to offer CEOs and Founders a timely and relevant financing solution that can help them address short-term costs while preserving their equity for long-term investments.

Who can use it

Sales and marketing professionals targeting CEOs and Founders in the post-funding stage can use this campaign. It is particularly useful for those looking to offer alternative financing solutions that can help companies diversify their funding sources and extend their financial runway.

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