How Authentic saved days of manual work with lemlist’s Email Finder & Verifier

Paul Aubry, Co-founder of Authentic video agency, leveraged lemlist’s Email Finder & Verifier to centralize the outreach process and save hours of manual work.

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Meet Authentic, a video agency specializing in B2B

From writing to broadcast, Authentic video agency supports B2B companies in producing any type of video.

They have been writing, shooting, and editing videos for over ten years to help their clients gain visibility, make sales & recruit top talents.

100+ satisfied clients later, we positioned ourselves as the best quality-efficiency-price ratio on the market. - Paul Aubry, Co-Founder of Authentic

As the video became one of the most powerful communication tools, the market became saturated with other ambitious video agencies.

This means they had to find an efficient way to reach and convert new customers and to do it at scale.

Thanks to carefully crafted cold outreach, they gained a competitive edge and got attention from their target audience - CMOs.

But, their success didn’t come without outreach challenges along the way.

Successful outreach requires up-to-date data

To open new business opportunities with cold emails, Paul had to

  1. send them to valid email addresses to ensure they reach his target audience
  2. personalize their content to encourage CMOs to reply & book a meeting

Without lead enrichment, aka getting leads’ valid data, his cold emails would be sent to the wrong address, getting no answers and slowing down overall sales.

Plus, reaching out to unverified emails hurts his domain's reputation, landing his emails in spam where he can’t reach his target audience.

But, getting leads’ up-to-date data and enriching them would usually mean:

→ subscribing & navigating through multiple tools,
→ hiring technical profiles that cost you roughly $50k per year,
→ spending hours on additional email verification.

Even though LinkedIn is the best source of leads, the process of exporting their data is painful. There isn’t a native extract of data; you have to clean each lead’s data (e.g., the lead's emojis from prospects’ first name, and prospects won’t always show their emails.

Finding, contacting, and converting leads in 1 platform

To find the right outreach contacts without the technical skills or losing hours of manual work, Paul used lemlist’s Email Finder and Verifier.

Thanks to the waterfall enrichment method, Email Finder and Verifier combine the best third-party data sources to give 40-55% more valid emails. This is the equivalent of asking six different providers for up-to-date lead information without navigating and subscribing to multiple apps.

We needed a simple, non-pricey platform that would centralize the outreach process.

Once his leads were imported into the lemlist all-in-one outreach tool, he could find their verified emails in one click!

For each lead, the lemlist would

  • Clean leads’ first name and last name
  • Extract and save relevant available information from the lead's LinkedIn profile
  • Retain the best email we found from multiple providers
  • If available, save additional information such as phone number, civility, job title, and other relevant details

What I really like is that Email Finder and Verifier is that it’s integrated into the lemlist app, so there’s no need to lose time jumping between multiple screens.

The accurate data not only helped him reach out to his target audience but also personalize more emails at scale with custom variables.

P.S. lemlist users can enrich & import leads directly from LinkedIn thanks to the lemlist Chrome extension!

Better data = Better results

By scanning his leads' information with multiple high-quality third parties, lemlist’s Email Finder and Verifier helped Paul to

  • find the most and the best available data for each lead
  • automatically debounce emails to protect his domain reputation
  • enjoy a seamless UX without the need to navigate through multiple tools

Combining Email Finder & Verifier and lemlist’s multichannel sequence possibilities, we got a 17%+ reply rate, booked 8 meetings with CMOs in just 3 weeks, which led to two contracts with a total value of 35k euros!

P.S. If you want the same results as Authentic, you can get 100 free monthly tokens to enrich 50 LinkedIn leads or verify 100 existing emails, even during the lemlist free trial! Sign up here.

For over 10 years, Authentic video agency have been writing, shooting, and editing videos to help their clients gain visibility, make sales & recruit top talents.
Paris & Bordeaux, France
Video production
7 employees

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