277 words that push leads to take action

 Cold email teardown: Highlight pain points for more replies

Here's a cold email targeting small to mid-size real estate investors 👇

‍Let’s see how Charles, the CEO of Devlo sales development agency, would rewrite it so you can replicate his tips for more replies!

Here's what stops prospects from replying to this cold email:

#1 No personalization

From the first sentence, this cold email feels generic as there’s no personalization. This makes your prospects think you didn’t take the time to research them and they are just one of the bulk email recipients.

#2 Generic intro line

Because of the lack of research and personalization, the intro line doesn’t catch prospects’ attention. It doesn’t give any value to the reader or a reason to read the rest of this email.

#3 Meeting-based CTA

Asking for a meeting instead of confirming the interest in the first email can come off as pushy. Instead, act as a friend and ask your prospects more questions about them.

#4 No mention of pain points

Your email should be a reminder of the prospects’ challenges and make them realize how much they need solution you're offering.

#5 Too much “I”

Your email shouldn’t be about you, but about your prospects and the way you can help them solve their problems. Instead of “I” try using “You” as much as possible.

#6 Small text line spacing

To make your email easier to scan and read, you should add appropriate spacing between your text lines.

Here’s how Charles would rewrite this cold email for higher reply chances:

What brings this email replies?

#1 Liquid syntax

Using logical operators will help you hyper-personalize your intro line and make your emails feel authentic. The more your prospects feel like your email is written just for them, the more likely they’ll reply.

#2 Personalized icebreaker

Fully personalized first sentences of your email will intrigue your reader to read the rest of it, even from the email preview.

#3 Listed pain points

Highlight prospects’ pain points that you can help them solve. This will position you as someone who understands their struggles, and offers a solution that is highly relevant.

#4 Social proof

If you want to build trust and credibility, name-drop clients that your prospects know about. Show them how others achieved their desired outcomes and tease into finding out more.

#5 Question as CTA

Ask clearly about your prospects’ interest so they can easily respond with a "yes or no" answer. This removes friction and pushes them to take action.

You can leverage the power of AI to write hyper-personalized emails like this in less than 1 min. Check out how in this article and revolutionize the way you do outreach 👇

P.S. Watch the full cold email teardown for even more tips on booking meetings here.


6-step workflow to target companies that raised funds

 When a company raises funds, that often means they plan to grow fast.

If your solution can help them reach their end goal, use this trigger to reach out as they probably have new budget to spend.

Here's 6-step workflow that will help you identify those companies & add them straight to your outreach campaign 👇

Step #1: Find target funding rounds on Crunchbase

You can use Piloterr to scrape Crunchbase's recent fundings.

Step #2: Enrich fundraising companies' data

Use Piloterr for lead enrichment from Crunchbase data. If you are selling to a niche audience, use this step to filter companies by company size, industry, etc.

Step #3: Check your target’s status in HubSpot

Do an automatic look-up to research if the new lead is already in your CRM. This will help you figure out the last time account has been contacted and its current status.

Step #4: Find list of employees matching your criteria with Datagma

Add the company’s domain and job title you want to target, and the tool will give you a list of employees matching your criteria.

Step #5: Find leads’ emails with Dropcontact

Add information you got from Datagma to get your target audience's verified emails.

Step #6: Add leads to lemlist & launch your outreach campaign

[ ] Log into your lemlist account (or start 2-week free trial)

[ ] Create an AI-generated campaign targeting people that raised funds

[ ] Add your new leads and start growing your business with cold outreach! 🎉

P.S. You can avoid navigating between multiple tools with lemlist's Smart Enrichment & find 80%+ valid leads' emails straight from one app.

To help you automate this 6-step workflow, we've prepared 3 step-by-step templates for each automation expertise level!

→ For beginners: Zapier template

→ For intermediate level: Make template

→ For advanced level: n8n template


277 power words that push your leads to take action

No matter how much effort you put into writing your cold emails - if you don't make your prospect feel something while reading your email, they won't reply.

That's why you should use adjectives that trigger prospects' emotions, make your message stand out, and push replies. 💪

So next time when creating your outreach campaign, you can try using some of these power adjectives that will "wow" your leads:

To get the full list of emotional words you can use in outreach to boost reply rates, check out this article 👇

Take care,

G and the team

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