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Why It Works

This LinkedIn automated post share campaign is effective for several reasons:

  1. Targeted and Relevant Content: Each message is crafted to address specific aspects of sales and marketing, making them highly relevant to the target audience.
  2. Resource Sharing: By providing links to useful resources, such as cold email templates, personal branding tips, and lead sourcing tools, the campaign delivers immediate value to the recipients.
  3. Engagement Strategy: Spreading the messages over a period of seven days keeps the audience engaged without overwhelming them, ensuring a steady flow of valuable information.
  4. Diverse Topics: Covering a range of topics from email templates to LinkedIn automation tools caters to a wide array of interests within the sales and marketing community.
  5. Practical Solutions: Offering practical solutions and tools that can be immediately implemented by the recipients enhances the perceived value of the messages.

Learning from this Campaign

  1. Value-Driven Communication: Providing tangible resources and solutions is more effective than mere promotional messages.
  2. Consistent Engagement: Regular communication that doesn’t bombard the audience can build a positive rapport over time.
  3. Leveraging LinkedIn's Networking Potential: Utilizing LinkedIn for sharing valuable content can establish you as a thought leader in your industry.
  4. Diversity in Content: Catering to various aspects of a professional field can attract a broader audience and increase engagement.

When to Use It

This campaign is ideal for professionals looking to establish themselves as industry experts on LinkedIn. It's particularly effective for:

  • Sales and marketing professionals aiming to share insights and tools with their network.
  • Business development professionals seeking to offer practical solutions to common industry challenges.
  • Individuals or companies looking to enhance their brand presence on LinkedIn.

Who Can Use It

  • Sales and marketing teams looking to engage their LinkedIn network with valuable content.
  • Business development professionals and consultants who want to share their expertise and tools.
  • LinkedIn influencers and thought leaders aiming to increase their following and engagement on the platform.

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Tal Baker-Phillips
Sales Leader @lemlist
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