How to get replies from C-level leads

Here's a cold email targeting CIOs, CTOs, and IT managers to help them boost efficiency with an automation tool 👇

Let’s see how Victor, Co-founder of Scalability outbound growth agency, would improve it so you can replicate his tips and book more meetings!

Here are email mistakes to avoid if you want to book more meetings:

#1 No subject line

Don’t miss the opportunity to tease your prospects with an intriguing subject line that pushes them to open and read your email.

#2 Self-centered intro

Don't waste intro lines to talk about yourself. Your target doesn’t care about you - they care about how you can help them achieve their goals.

#3 Making assumptions

Making assumptions about your prospects’ interests can lead to miscommunication and a low response rate. Instead, use your email to confirm if there's interest at all.

#4 CTA without benefit

Asking for a call without telling your prospects what’s in it for them won't motivate them enough to take action.

Here’s how Victor would rewrite this cold email to get replies from C-level leads:

What gets this email a high reply rate?

#1 Intriguing & short subject line

The subject line is short enough to catch prospects’ attention without revealing too much.

#2 The intro line is about the prospect

The first few sentences of the email are fully customized to each prospect and show a unique reason for reaching out.

#3 Social proof

Mention the customers that are similar in size or have similar challenges as your prospect. This makes your solution more relevant to them.

#4 Interest-based question

Questions based on interests are hard to say no to. Confirm your prospect’s interest first, and book a meeting in the next email.

To write cold emails that get replies, check out this email copywriting guide that will help you boost reply rates👇

P.S. You can watch the full cold email teardown to get even more tips on booking meetings here.


The closing line is the last line of your email before the signature. Its goal is to give your prospect a clear next step and drive them to send you a reply!

So, how do you write a closing line that pushes prospects to reply?

→ Aim for the reply first

We analyzed 1000s of emails and found that the best-performing closing lines are helpful rather than pushy.

Instead of immediately asking for a meeting, you can try to help your prospects first and confirm an interest.

When you prove you’re genuinely trying to help, rather than signing one-off deals, your chances of getting a reply increase.

Let’s check out this prospect-focused example that got Alan a 51% reply rate:

Why did this closing line work?

Alan didn’t write “Can you add the link please,” which wouldn’t consider what’s in it for the prospect.

Instead, he asked if the link would be useful, which completely changes the approach and puts the focus on the customer.

Make the next step easy

When writing your closing line, ensure to focus on one clear and easy-to-accomplish action.

Let’s check out this cold email example that got 4 deals out of 12 pitched influencers:

Why should you use this approach when writing your cold email ending?

This end of the email is short, sharp, and focused on getting a yes-no reply before sharing additional information.

The process is frictionless for prospects, which makes them more likely to reply.

P.S. To get more tips on cold email endings that get replies, check out this complete closing lines guide 👇


 A typical salesperson spends tons of hours manually finding new prospects, writing outreach messages, and personalizing sequences..

Now imagine cutting that time in half without sacrificing results 👀

That comes with leveraging the power of AI in your cold outreach approach.

Here are 3 resources that will help you implement AI in sales:

#1 Top AI newsletters, YouTube channels, and social media profiles

AI is a constantly changing field, so if you want to take full advantage of it, you’ll need to stay up to date with the latest tools and updates.

To help you, we did a roundup of the best AI newsletters, YouTube channels, and social media profiles.

In this article, find our top recommendations 👇

#2 The best ChatGPT prompt to define your ICP

You can use AI to understand your target audience, their challenges, and how your offering meets their needs.

By defining your ICP and buyer personas, you'll create messages that resonate and boost genuine connections.

In this article, find the ChatGPT prompt that’ll help you create your buyer personas in seconds 👇

#3 Favourite AI tools to increase sales efficiency

If you want to improve sales productivity, you need to explore different AI tools' features, functionalities, and compatibility to determine whether they suit your needs.

To help you save hours of manual research, in this article, we gathered the best AI tools for you 👇

Take care,

G and the team

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