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Top sales advice for getting more replies

3 steps to write a pitch that books meetings

Pitch is the central part of your email where you can explain the value you can provide for your prospects to solve their pain points.

The goal of your pitch isn’t to sell, it’s to build a relationship. Why? Once you build a relationship and confirm the interest, it will be much easier to hop on the selling part.

Here are 3 steps to write a pitch that generates replies 🤓

Step #1: Show you understand their specific pain point

→ add an example that will make you stand out from “fake” personalization emails and show your expertise on the subject

Step #2: Build a relationship instead of trying to sell

→ make them feel like you're there to help so they will feel more comfortable booking a meeting

Step #3: Use personalization

→ add personalized text, images, and landing pages with videos that will get more attention and stand out from all the noise

Pro tip: If you want to make your cold emails stand out and book more meetings with prospects, check out lemlist.
In 2.5 minutes, you can create an ultra-personalized pitch with automated custom images, videos, and landing pages that will make your prospects instantly reply.

To sum up, the key to getting an answer from your prospects is to show them that you have a solution to their struggles.

For that, you should focus on how you write and structure your emails, as each line plays an important role.

That’s why we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide that can help you craft the rest of your email to your prospect’s needs for the best outreach results. 🏆

You'll get:

✓ what makes leads read and reply to cold emails

✓ the structure of the cold email that gets replies

✓ bad vs good cold email copywriting examples

➕  access to the cold email template with a 64% conversion rate!


Events worth attending

How to build a sales funnel that boosts conversions

Not sure how to build a scaleable process to kickstart your business?
If you want to create an efficient sales funnel that brings conversions, this is an event for you. 🚀

Scott Caputo, Founder & CEO of Adamant Media, will join us on Tuesday, December 6th, at 5 pm Paris time (4 pm GMT/11 am EST) for a new Mastermind event. He’ll show you how to build predictable revenue through your sales funnel and boost your conversions!

You'll get:

✓ a guide to (re)defining your audience

✓ a breakdown of the model that brings $1M ARR in 12 months

✓ a framework for you to apply to your business


Get the best personal branding resource for free

How to go from 0 to 10K LinkedIn followers in 6 months

Building a personal brand helps you to:

→ attract clients and earn more money

→ network with industry leaders

→ find a better job

But to get all these, you need to:

✓ set up a clear strategy for your brand

✓ know what works best for your audience

✓ stay consistent

That’s why we created a guide to make your LinkedIn profile stand out so you can build your audience, and transform views in $$$$

You'll get:

✓ proven strategies to go from 0 to 10K followers in 6 months

✓ exclusive posts structures & templates to write posts that generate thousands of views

✓ access to a Notion workspace with tons of resources & templates and an active cohort to get unlimited support

P.S. It's worth a few hundred dollars, but you'll have it for 0$! 😎

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