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How to sign more deals for your clients & grow your outreach agency

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A step-by-step guide to finding, contacting, and converting clients’ leads, and growing your agency’s revenue with proven tactics and templates!
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What you’ll find in the playbook

How to find leads interested in buying your clients’ products/services
Find clients’ leads by specific criteria, such as technology, company size, industry, or location.
Strategy & tools to find leads’ verified emails and relevant information
Get valid emails of your clients’ leads without 3rd party tools and ensure your message gets through.
How to avoid the spam folder and keep your email deliverability high
Discover how to set up your account to avoid deliverability issues and land in the primary inbox.
The structure of  a multichannel cold outreach campaign that gets replies
See how you craft cold emails, follow-ups, and multi-channel sequences that stand out.
Access  and duplicate 120+ best-performing cold outreach templates
Duplicate top-performing cold emails and multi-channel templates used by 37k+ lemlist experts.
A complete strategy to scale your agency through your clients’ growth
Follow a step-by-step guide to finding, contacting and converting new customers in 1 platform.
How to simplify the management of different clients’ accounts with lemlist
Get insights on the best outreach software tailored to the specific needs of agencies.

Trouvez des prospects avec des mails vérifiés, contactez-les avec de la personnalisation, et obtenez des clients avec lmlist_