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Cold Email Template to get registrations for your waitlist

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Results Overview:

  • Total Leads: 842
  • LinkedIn Profile Visits: 93
  • Messages Sent: 78
  • Message Open Rate: 17.95%
  • Positive Engagement: All 14 contacts who opened the message signed up for the waitlist.
  • Key Highlight: 100% conversion rate from those who opened the message to signing up.

Author's Insights:

  • The campaign targeted the author's LinkedIn network, which included acquaintances, strangers, and past collaborators.
  • Despite being automated, the campaign maintained a personal touch, leading to a high engagement and conversion rate.
  • The simplicity of the request (signing up for a waitlist) and the use of a personal network contributed significantly to its success.
  • The campaign was managed through lemlist, balancing automation with personalized outreach.

Why It Works

Targeted and Personal Approach: Utilizing existing LinkedIn connections for a more personal and effective outreach.

Clear and Simple Request: A straightforward ask for waitlist sign-up, easy for recipients to act upon.

Leveraging Social Proof: Mentioning an innovative product (AI-powered screen recorder) to create interest.

Efficient Automation: Using lemlist for campaign automation while retaining a personal message tone.

Learning from this Campaign

Leverage Existing Networks: Employing existing connections can be highly effective, especially for new initiatives.

Balance Automation and Personalization: Automated campaigns can still feel personal and engaging.

Clear Call-to-Action: A single, straightforward call-to-action can significantly boost response rates.

When to Use It

Product Launches: Ideal for promoting new products or services, particularly to an early adopter audience.

Community Building: Effective for developing a user base or community around a new offering.

Support Crowdsourcing: Suitable for gathering support for various initiatives like crowdfunding or beta testing.

Who Can Use It

Startup Founders/Entrepreneurs: For those introducing new products/services and seeking early community engagement.

Marketing Professionals: Beneficial for leveraging professional networks for product promotion or brand awareness.

Product Managers: Useful for gathering early feedback or testers for new tech products.

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Eric Savina
Business Development Executive
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