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5-step workflow to target hiring companies from Indeed

Lucas Perret
August 29, 2023
8 min.

How to target hiring companies from Indeed [5-step workflow]

If your target company is hiring, that means they’re growing.

These structural changes can often introduce a need for new solutions and are great opportunities for you to reach out.

For example, we pay attention to growing sales teams since our tool helps increase revenue with outbound. A growing sales team shows that they need more efficient solutions to scale and achieve their targets, which is an opportunity for our SDRs to help them out.

But how do you spot job postings without spending hours on manual search?

In this guide, get hacks on scraping hiring posts and finding qualified leads - 100% on autopilot!

5-step workflow to automatically scrape job postings

STEP 1: Copy the search URL you’d like to monitor

[ ] Go to the Indeed website

[ ] In the search box, type a specific job role you're interested in

[ ] Specify your desired location – a city, state, or country

[ ] Filter your search results by the most recent postings to get the latest opportunities

[ ] Copy the URL into your clipboard

For example, at lemlist, we keep an eye on listings for 'sales representative' roles

STEP 2: Extract recent job listings with ScrapingBee

A lot of websites aren’t scraper-friendly, as they often have measures to block or limit data extraction.

Luckily, ScrapingBee can help you out:

[ ] Access ScrapingBee

[ ] On the request builder, set your parameters based on the website's complexity:

  • Opt for premium=true if the site is complex and resistant to standard scraping techniques
  • If the 'premium' setting fails, switch to stealth=true

[ ] Run ScrappingBee programmatically using their API

You can get your API key in the request builder or in the settings page:

P.S. To ease your life, I created a n8n workflow that will run Scraping Bee for you. You can fine-tune it to make it 100% fit your needs. Get it here!

For Indeed, the “premium” setting usually works best. The attached workflow will gather the 90 latest job listings. If you want more frequent updates, you can adjust the scraping frequency. If there are 180 job postings in 24 hours, for instance, you'll need to run the workflow twice daily.

STEP 3: Add job postings in Airtable

The Airtable’s relational database structure will provide you with flexibility:

[ ] Go to Airtable

[ ] Create two distinct tables:

  • One for job listings that will be updated with scraping workflow
  • A second one for companies that will be filled automatically using the "linked to records" feature

You can copy the base here

[ ] Create an automation to link job offers with companies

STEP 4: Extract job offers’ details

While job listings provide a glimpse of information, the full content is often hidden.

Here's how to access a full job posting information:

[ ] Use ScrapingBee

Most job detail pages are less complex than the main search results. Therefore, the 'default' setting is typically good for this extraction.

P.S. Always ensure you're scraping ethically and within legal bounds.

STEP 5: Push your sales automation

With Airtable, you’ll be able to trigger a new workflow when a company is added.

Here’s what to do next:

[ ]  Enrich the company data and find the decision maker with Datagma

[ ]  Check out in Hubspot if the lead is already in the CRM

[ ]  Add new leads to a lemlist campaign

Save hours of manually creating your workflow

→ For advanced level: n8n template

Use this tutorial if you want to implement the workflow with n8n easily.


P.S. Workflow tutorials like this come out once a week. Fill out the form below to never miss a workflow & chance to boost your business growth👇

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