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57, 284 lemlist campaigns generated $110,864,100
in the last 30 days
Krishnapriya Rajeevan
The customer support team of Lemlist is the best! They are always available to help us with things, and sort them out in no matter time!
Nebojša Durmanović
lemlist is your cold email batmobile. Personalization, automation, deliverability... everything you need to get more replies is there.
Paul Munos
Personalization is key, and lemlist empowers us with many features to allow a more human and fun email campaign.
Alan Silvestri
I could get in touch with the right people quickly, and that one smart custom tag made a big difference while my deliverability was at a very high level.
Nicole Charleston
When we had an issue the staff were very helpful with sorting it in a real live video call.
Christina Rebuffet-Broadus
Customer service is top notch + app works very fine
Lino Siebel
Great support! 10/10. Outstanding experience.
Gabriel V.
What I like best about lemlist is the personalization and customization level, which I haven't seen anywhere else in the industry yet.
Borislav T.
I can say that lemlist is far superior to each app we've tried before.

Everything just works exactly as it's supposed to.

There are tons of unique great functionalities like database search, profile enrichment, and conditional flows, which are all game changers.

In addition to that, they have amazing customer support and a whole community around the app.
Ismael Gómez
Perfect help, straight to the point and now I can leave this headache in the past.
Jörg Rathenow
Helped me very fast and was amazingly friendly and did a super job. Thanks a lot!
Federico Zampedri
Fastest response, and always checking in to see if everything was good!
Enzo Pierrot
Saving me tons of times in sending personalized emails for sales and customer success purposes.

lemlist also includes lemwarm, which is a great email warm-up tool that works!
Denis U.
It is extremely easy to use, and a great platform as well. The way sequencing works, is that it obliges you to fulfill every task before the next step is done in the sequence.

This way, it helps you move forward very efficiently, and the only time you spend is with prospecting and phone calls (after you've created your campaign).

In short, it helps you be extremely efficient and productive.
Luke Loukaides
Clear and detailed Looms sent to explain my concerns. Brilliant customer support, 10/10!
Ajay Dhillon
Quick replies, super informative, super helpful. Best support team I’ve encountered!
Yoan Kostadinov
I love lemlist’s support, interactive, informative and they keep a standart no matter what happens. Great job guys!
Wesley Wasielewski
Perfect - enjoyed the possibility to go on a quick call.

Which lemlist plan is the right for you?

Offers ends in:
Prices are in USD
Taxes may apply.
Per user, per month. Billed yearly
No card required.
Unlimited sending emails
450M+ lead
Find buyer-ready prospects in lemlist's 450M+ B2B lead database and reach out to relevant leads with just 1 click.
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Automated Email
Finder + Verifier
Find your leads’ emails, and LinkedIn information (profile URL, picture, job title, company name, etc.) all within lemlist.
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Email AI Assistant
API, Zapier Integration
CRM (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce) Integration
Custom images & text personalization
Email warm-up
Avoid spam and reach more inboxes with lemwarm, the most advanced warm-up and deliverability booster out there.
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lemwarm for free
250 free tokens per month
Use tokens to find and verify leads’ email addresses, create campaigns with AI, or generate icebreakers.
Reports & Analytics
Support by chat
Per user, per month. Billed yearly
No card required.
Everything in the Standard Plan
Multichannel (Email, LinkedIn, Calls)
LinkedIn voice notes
Coming soon
Unlimited Custom workflows
(Multi-channel Advanced Conditions)
Engage at scale, in a human way, with multi-channel advanced conditions and increase your conversions.
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Inbox rotation
LinkedIn Chrome Extension
Custom landing pages
500 free tokens per month
Use tokens to find and verify leads’ email addresses, create campaigns with AI, or generate icebreakers.
Support is available within 5 min

Small and medium businesses use lemlist to achieve their revenue goals!

My entire business is based on lemlist and generates $2,000,000 annually.
Victor Alexandrian
COO @Scalability
What is lemlist used for?
lemlist is the only cold outreach tool that helps you reach inboxes and get replies.

With lemlist, you can:

→ Find buyer-ready prospects and their contact details from a database of 450 million leads directly on the platform.

→ Find your leads' valid email addresses directly within lemlist - no need for third-party tools.

→ Write cold emails and LinkedIn messages using AI, and personalize at scale by incorporating custom intro lines, images, dynamic landing pages, liquid syntax, and more.

→ Create multichannel campaigns with advanced conditions to engage leads on their preferred channel at the optimal time, resulting in higher conversions.

→ Avoid the risk of ending up in spam folders by using the most advanced warm-up and deliverability booster available on the market (for free).

37,000+ users from 100+ countries.

On average, 57,284 lemlist campaigns are sent monthly via lemlist, generating $118,641,000 in revenue for sales teams, agencies, and founders.
What is the offer, and how much would I save?
With the code BLACKFRIDAY2023LEMLIST, you get:

33% OFF for the Standard Plan yearly plan.
= you’ll save $200 for one user per year.

This means:
● $33 for one user per month (instead of $50)
● or $400 for one user per year (instead of $600)

40% OFF for the Pro Plan yearly plan.
= you’ll save $400 for one user per year.

This means:
● $49 for one user per month (instead of $50)
● or $596 for one user per year (instead of $996)

The offer is available only for new users.
What is the difference between the 2 lemlist plans?
In a nutshell, the Standard plan allows you to find leads, their emails, and send automated cold emails and follow-ups.

If you want to increase your reply rates, the Pro plan allows you to automate the sending of multichannel campaigns via email, LinkedIn, and calls.

Discover both plans in detail here
How do I apply the code?
Log in to your lemlist account or create a new account here.

Go to 'Plans and Billing.'

Click on 'Manage Plan.'

Click on 'Add Coupon Code' and apply the code.

Here’s a quick tutorial to make it easier for you.

Have a question?
Please get in touch with our customer support team using the chat bubble from your lemlist account or via
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