Coffee chat email template

To this day, this is one of the most popular cold email templates in lemlist, ever. It’s ideal to get more replies and book more meetings as you can make it personal, funny and oriented 100% towards your target audience.


Meetings scheduled at SaaStock Dublin by Vuk


Cam's reply rate in a sales campaign


Networking meetings booked
by Guillaume

Cold email template

Explain best-use scenario in 2-3 sentences
Explain best-use scenario in 2-3 sentences
Explain best-use scenario in 2-3 sentences

Coffee chat email template

Why did it work?

1. Personalized image

A coffee chat email template with prospect's name will catch their attention. The image of you holding two cups will reveal who you are and if you can make your sales email copy funny and relevant to the prospect you're reaching out to, you're golden.

2. Easy to write follow-ups

Plus, there are many different kinds of follow-ups that you can use on top of it. Coffee cups turned upside down with “no coffee” copy and a lot of humor since people prefer to drink different types of coffee to begin with.

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