Maximize email deliverability

Make sure you end up on top of anyone's inbox.

Auto email warm-up

Automatically warm up your or any other email in your account

Custom tracking domain

Track opens and clicks with your own custom domain

Best sending algorithm

We've fine-tuned lemlist to maximize your deliverability

Hottest feature ever - lemwarm


Turn lemwarm on

Set the number of emails you want to send and the ramp-up increment value per day. Once done, you'll start receiving and replying to emails automatically.

Keep an eye on your progress

Know exactly where your lemwarm emails are going and how many are you sending each day.


Stay on top of anyone's inbox

With a properly warmed-up email address, you'll avoid spam folders and maintain a high level of email deliverability.

Schedule emails for later

Leverage optimal email sending instead of one-time blasts. Deliver emails at the right time, across any time zone.

lemlist scheduling

Custom tracking domain in seconds

Link and open tracking sometimes affects deliverability, especially for gSuite users. Once you set custom tracking, the pain goes away.

email deliverability

Email health

Display lemlist usage of your email account and limit it globally. Lower your bounce rate and protect your domain reputation.

email health

Test email

Not sure if your emails are landing in spam? With our unique test feature, find exactly where your email will end up and get suggestions to improve your sender score.

test cold email

Integrate any tool you love with lemlist

Connect your CRM, get instant notifications, receive leads from gSheets, and find prospects on LinkedIn — right within lemlist.

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