How Daily Body Coach drove $10k+ in the first month with lemlist’s lead database

Anthony Ng Monica, CEO of Daily Body Coach, used lemlist to find, contact, and sign $10k deals using just 1 platform.

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Meet Daily Body Coach, a premium online coaching service

Most entrepreneurs neglect their physical and mental health - sacrificing it for their business. But being fit as a business owner, as CEO of Daily Body Coach Anthony says, is a superpower. It increases confidence, resilience, and tolerance to stress while boosting energy levels.

Daily Body Coach’s expert coaches develop a personalized exercise and nutrition roadmap to help them achieve their objective by understanding their lifestyle - preferences, habits, and life’s demands (work, social, family, etc.)

Our expert coaches are on hand to adapt their workouts (based on available time and location), and a certified nutritionist is with them 7 days per week to provide accountability, education, motivation, and guidance through life’s demands like travel, social events, restaurants, lack of sleep, etc. - Anthony Ng Monica, CEO of Daily Body Coach

However, their target audience is already overwhelmed with their business tasks, so they rarely spend time researching coaching options. That’s why Anthony decided to implement cold outreach and reach out directly to his prospects.

As he has over a decade of experience in outbound sales and has used lemlist - an all-in-one outreach tool - he knew it was the best solution to help him launch his business.

Outbound sales are critical to the growth of our business, so it’s essential to have a reliable partner.

Daily Body Coach gained huge outreach success in just one month, but their success story didn’t come without challenges along the way.

How to do high-quality outbound at scale

Our business has a large target audience - business owners. As such, it’s critical for us to be able to reach as many of them as possible.

If Anthony wanted to grow your business with cold outreach, he had to

  1. Find highly relevant leads
  2. Get their verified emails
  3. Reach out to as many of them as possible

Before lemlist, finding, contacting, and converting ideal buyers meant

  • wasting hours switching between different tools,
  • spending money on costly subscriptions & tech hires,
  • ending up with leads’ outdated data & unverified emails

And if he managed to get qualified and verified leads, he couldn’t contact more than 200 leads daily to protect his email deliverability.

So, if he wanted to beat email-sending volume limits and reach more potential buyers, he would have to

→ manually duplicate campaign content
→ manually assign different reps as senders
→ manually distribute leads to each sender’s campaign

...which led to many hours and money lost on repetitive outreach tasks.

Without lemlist, it would be too time-consuming and ineffective to source leads, find their contact information, and personalize emails.

Finding, contacting, and converting leads in 1 platform

I had driven millions of dollars in revenue from cold emails in a previous company. So getting started with lemlist for Daily Body Coach was a no-brainer.

With lemlist, Anthony could now perform and scale his entire lead gen from 1 platform.

As step 1, he would use lemlist’s B2B lead database of 450M+ prospects and filter his search by targeted criteria such as role, location, seniority, etc.

This helped him to target people who fit his Ideal Customer Profile, eliminating 3rd party tools, manual tasks, complex setups, or incorrect information. 1073714667 (1).png

Then, to find the right contacts without the technical skills or losing hours on manual work, he used lemlist’s Email Finder and Verifier.

Thanks to the waterfall enrichment method, Email Finder and Verifier combine the best third-party data sources, giving Anthony 40-55% more valid emails. This is the equivalent of asking six different providers for up-to-date lead information, navigating, and subscribing to multiple apps.

We needed a simple, non-pricey platform that would centralize the outreach process.

Once his leads were imported into the lemlist all-in-one outreach tool, he could find their verified emails in one click!

For each lead, the lemlist would

  • Clean leads’ first name and last name
  • Extract and save relevant available information from the lead's LinkedIn profile
  • Retain the best email we found from multiple providers
  • If available, save additional information such as phone number, civility, job title, and other relevant details

Once he had his list of qualified and verified leads, it was time to reach out to them.

But sending 200+ daily emails per sender would mean hurting his domain and landing his emails in the spam folder where you can't reach your leads.

That’s why he used lemlist's Inbox rotation that automated sending one campaign from multiple lemlist accounts - without manual efforts.

All Anthony had to do was select different lemlist accounts as senders, and lemlist randomly assigned them different leads.

lemlist lets us source leads, find and verify contact information, and personalize emails at scale - all in one easy-to-use platform. I was able to get started within a few hours. This means more revenue and less headache for my business.

Less time on repetitive tasks = More time to build meaningful relationships

We expanded our business in 4 countries in less than a month - the UK, Netherlands, Portugal, and the US.

Before lemlist, Anthony had to

  1. Find qualified leads in the first tool,
  2. Collect them with the second tool,
  3. Find their emails with the third tool,
  4. Verify those emails in the fourth tool,
  5. Use the fifth tool to reach out

This was time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient.

With lemlist’s B2B lead database, Email Finder & Verifier, and Inbox Rotation features, he could find, contact, and convert qualified leads in a single platform.

lemlist was a no-brainer decision for my business. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use, all-in-one platform that handles all our outbound needs. This is all backed with EXCEPTIONAL support.

As he centralized his outreach efforts, he had time to perform outstanding campaigns that brought him impressive results!

  • 75%+ open rate on each campaign

  • 17-24+% reply rate 

We got leads and started outreach within a matter of hours. This led to over $10,000 in sales in our first month.

Daily Body Coach helps busy and ambitious entrepreneurs transform their bodies and perform their best with a premium online coaching service.
London, UK
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