How frontBrick saved 30h weekly with lempire’s suite of tools (lemlist + lemwarm + lemcal)

Stan Stojanovic, Founder of frontBrick growth agency, used lempire’s suite of tools to centralize his outbound process and hyper-personalize outreach at scale.

Faster campaign setup
New clients in 10 days
Hours saved weekly

Meet frontBrick, a B2B growth agency that delivers remarkable ROI

frontBrick is a growth agency that helps B2B revenue and sales teams implement hyper-personalized outbound systems that open new business opportunities.

We are a team of dedicated professionals driven by a shared passion for transforming lives - personally and professionally. Our mission is simple yet profound: to propel businesses forward through outbound strategies that deliver remarkable ROI. - Stan Stojanovic, Founder at frontBrick

They offer services such as cold emailing, LinkedIn lead generation, SDR as a service, and Outbound sales consulting to mostly

  • web agencies targeting SaaS, FinTech, Health Tech B2B companies
  • B2B SaaS clients who offer solutions for eCommerce and Retail, often targeting C-level

However, getting over 95% of the client's ROI didn’t come without outreach challenges along the way. Ensuring hyper-personalized outreach for 20+ customers without landing in spam requires many hours of manual effort that doesn’t guarantee growth.

Stan found out about lemlist through actionable and valuable content and decided to give the all-in-outreach tool a chance.

The content you produce and the value you provide is by far the best.

How to hyper-personalize clients’ outreach at scale and have clear visibility over accounts

Before lemlist, frontBrick struggled to reach out to multiple clients’ leads in a custom way without wasting hours and money.

It would take too long to manually personalize, send, and track messages for each lead on different platforms.

None of the tools has that level of hyper-personalization that lemlist offers (images with variables, the ability to upload your images and add variables, etc.), which allows us to stand out and increase reply rates.

There weren’t enterprise solutions built for agencies that allow client management in a single interface.

Before lemlist, None of the solutions had a streamlined and straightforward process to manage all clients from a centralized place (parent -> child account structure). That led to a lot of friction in the process and resulted in many lost hours per week.

And the majority of outreach tools on the market weren’t part of a complete suite that could centralize his outreach efforts.

None of the tools has a complete suite of features, such as lemcal, lemwarm, CRM integrations, dialer integrations, and true omnichannel conditional flows. lemlist has all of that.

These challenges could have easily resulted in sending errors or failing to follow up, slow response time, and blocked scaling due to unmanageable manual work.

Personalize on autopilot, boost booking rate and land out of spam with lempire's suite of tools

By managing and accessing each client account in lemlist’s interface, Stan doesn’t have to log in and out constantly. He can segment clients into teams and assign campaigns to each from one convenient spot.

In the centralized interface, he can see and change the list of all your teams, user settings and even add a new user with a single click:

This efficient way of managing different accounts leaves no margin for errors and speeds up administrative processes.

Once he sets up his agency account for success, he could automatically hyper-personalize his emails for each lead, thanks to lemlist’s custom variables.

→ text variables

No matter how many emails they send, lemlist users can automatically personalize any part of their message (e.g., intro line, pitch, CTA) to grab leads' attention and build trust.

→ image variables

Anyone can stand out with personalized images by automatically adding leads' names, logos, website screenshots, etc.

lemlist helps my team save ~20 hours weekly on personalization, allowing us to focus on the quality of our content and campaigns. Without it, it would be hard for our clients to achieve results.

To ensure he doesn’t spend too much money on multiple 3-rd party tools that aren’t even synced, he used free access to lemwarm and lemcal, the other 2 products from lempire’s suite of tools.

With each lemlist seat, users get free access to lemwarm, saving $29/month.

lemwarm helped Stan to:

→ Automate the warm-up process and gain a good sender reputation with tailored strategies and human-like conversation

→ Maintain high deliverability with detailed reporting & tips

And to boost his booking rate and increase attendance, he could have created unique booking pages with lemcal!

Linking lemcal to his sending accounts allows his leads to book slots directly in his calendar without friction.

4x more impact with fewer tools

lemlist helped me onboard 6 new clients in 10 days and set up their campaigns 4x faster than previous solutions.

With lempire’s stack of tools and available integrations, Stan was able to track the impact of his pipeline better.

For example, they could build workflows from outreach → opps → real-time Slack notifications → CRM integration:

With lemlist’s hyper-personalized multichannel outreach on autopilot, he achieved results for his clients such as:

  • 85%+ open rate
  • 19%+ reply rate
  • 12%+ interested rate

The fact that we have an all-in-one solution enables us to drive more impact, provide enough transparency to clients, save ~30 hours per month, and build scalable outbound systems.

As for the future? Stan will continue open new business opportunities for his clients with a hyper-personalized multichannel approach. And his tool of choice? 👇

I keep choosing lemlist for its stellar partnership program, omnichannel outreach, possibility to build custom workflows, and, most importantly - the return of value on investment.
frontBrick is a B2B growth agency that implements end-to-end outbound systems to open new opportunities and drive revenue.
Belgrade, Serbia
Agency Sales Outbound
7 employees

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