How SalesCaptain used lemlist to reach more customers & book 11 demos in 7 days

Bill Stathopoulos, Co-founder & CEO of SalesCaptain outreach agency, used lemlist to send high-volume campaigns without risking email deliverability.

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Meet SalesCaptain, the UK's #1 lead generation company

SalesCaptain is an award-winning outbound sales agency helping B2B SaaS and tech companies close deals with their dream clients.

In 2023, this team of 20+ growth experts was recognized by Clutch as the UK's #1 Lead Generation company.

Our unique approach to Cold Email, mixed with intent data, market research, and the latest sales tech, allows us to build scalable Go-to-market programs that help our clients drive more revenue. - Bill Stathopoulos, Co-founder & CEO of SalesCaptain

SalesCaptain offers multi-channel outbound sales and paid advertising solutions, helping global tech brands build a predictable sales pipeline without hiring an in-house sales team.

We enable teams to focus on closing deals while we handle the top-of-funnel.

But, getting 5-15% new deals growth in the first 90 days of multi-channel outbound service didn’t come without outreach challenges along the way.

Like many other outbound agencies, they had difficulties scaling campaigns while maintaining high deliverability, a.k.a. avoiding spam folders.

Before using lemlist, deliverability, and campaign management were cumbersome, and it was challenging to scale campaigns manually.

Luckily, Bill knew Guillaume, CEO of the lemlist all-in-one outreach tool.

How to send high-volume emails without landing in spam

Most of SalesCaptain’s clients wanted to grow their sales with more signups and demo calls.

One of them is AdLib DSP, an ad-tech company targeting ad agencies, media buying groups, and brands doing programmatic advertising or looking for custom media placements.

To catch their prospects’ attention, they had to send high-quality emails to as many targeted leads as possible in their primary inbox.

But Bill and the team stumbled upon two challenges:

The first challenge was avoiding landing in the spam folder without spending hours on manual work.

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails right into the target’s primary inbox. No emails in the prospects’ inboxes = No replies = No meetings booked = No business growth opportunities for AdLib.

One of the ways to keep his deliverability high was warming up his email address. Email warm-up gradually increases email sending volume to build a good domain reputation.

By ensuring human-like activity, the warm-up process keeps email activity balanced and prevents landing in spam. Receiving emails regularly is crucial since non-consistent sending could trigger warnings to his email provider.

But, sending many emails manually to a fixed schedule can be a pain as it requires a lot of resources…

And if he wanted to reach out to a high volume of leads, he risked his domain’s reputation again.

Sending 200+ daily emails per sender could hurt Bill’s domain, landing his clients’ emails in the spam folder where they can't reach the target audience.

That means that to beat email sending volume limits and reach more potential buyers, Bill would have to:

→ manually duplicate campaign content
→ manually assign different reps as senders
→ manually distribute leads to each sender’s campaign

which led to tons of hours & $$$ lost on repetitive outreach tasks…

But, thanks to lemlist's Inbox rotation and its free access to email warm-up and deliverability booster lemwarm, Bill was able to reach out at scale and ensure his messaging gets through.

Achieving and keeping high email deliverability

What we love about lemlist, compared to almost every other outbound platform out there, is that it can reliably and consistently get our emails to land in the inbox folder, making it easy to run high-performing campaigns.

With each lemlist seat, users get free access to lemwarm, saving $29/month.

That’s how Bill could use lemwarm email warm-up and deliverability booster to get his emails directly into his target audience’s inboxes.

lemwarm helped SalesCaptain to:

→ Save time and money with an automated warm-up process.

→ Gain a good sender reputation with a tailored strategy

→ Improve your sender reputation with human-like conversations

→ Maintain high deliverability with detailed reporting & tips

And to keep his email deliverability high, even when sending high-volume emails, he used lemlist’s Inbox rotation.

All he had to do was select different lemlist accounts as senders, and lemlist randomly assigned them different leads.

This was his ultimate hack to reach more leads without beating email sending limits and risking his email deliverability.

Reaching out at scale, in primary inboxes

lemlist has helped us maintain campaign performance consistently high for more than a year of running campaigns for AdLib.

Thanks to a combination of lemlist’s automated multichannel sequences, lemwarm, and Inbox rotation, SalesCaptain secured his client

10%+ reply rate, with 11 positive replies since week 1

6 demo calls booked within the first week after campaigns went live, and 45+ after 3 months

We got x2 Fortune 1000 enterprises as clients through the lemlist campaigns.

With these results, Bill and his team are determined, like never before, to double their success and get even more dream clients for their leads. And their outreach tool of choice? 👇

We became loyal to lemlist from the beginning, so much so that we now have two lifetime accounts helping us overcome outbound challenges.

SalesCaptain is an award-winning outbound sales agency helping B2B SaaS, and tech companies win their dream clients.
London, UK
Sales Outreach Services
30+ employees

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