7 follow-up email templates to generate replies from your leads

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How to write a follow-up email that gets replies

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Still waiting for a reply to your cold emails? A well-crafted follow-up strategy can help you get replies even from the busiest leads. In this playbook, discover 7 efficient follow-up email tips and templates for those moments when your prospects seem to be ignoring you.
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What you’ll find in the playbook

What makes a successful follow-up
Get a perfect follow-up email structure that brings replies and replicate it in seconds.
Why should you send a follow-up email after no response
Discover the importance of following up and how it helps you boost your outreach results.
When and how many follow-ups  to send
Find out the rules of successful follow-up and ensure you get replies every time.
Follow-up email teardowns
Find each template’s teardown with top copywriting tips you can follow today.
7 follow-up templates to push actions
Replicate 7 templates that will encourage your leads to take action.
Automate your follow-up process
Check out which tool can help save hours on manual outreach and send follow-ups on auto-pilot.
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