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Cold Email Template: Get webinar registrations

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Why it Works

This campaign cuts straight to the chase, which is perfect for a follow-up message. It respects the recipient's time by being brief and reminds them of the event without any unnecessary information. The subject line creates a sense of urgency, and the body of the email reinforces the value of attending the masterclass. It also provides a clear and immediate call-to-action with the link to join.

Learning from this Campaign

The key takeaway from this campaign is the effectiveness of simplicity and directness in follow-up communications. It demonstrates that follow-up emails can be impactful without being lengthy. The use of a clear subject line and a single call-to-action focuses the recipient's attention on the desired outcome – in this case, attending the masterclass.

When to Use It

This type of email is best used as a final touchpoint before an event. It serves as a last-minute nudge to encourage those who may have been interested but have not yet committed. It's also useful when you want to convey information that is time-sensitive and requires immediate action.

Who Can Use It

This template is versatile and can be adapted by anyone hosting an event, whether it's a webinar, masterclass, workshop, or live Q&A session. It's especially useful for professionals in marketing, sales, education, or any field where events and live sessions are a key part of the engagement strategy.

It's also a good way to contact again lost opportunities.

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Nicolas Gromer
Growth Marketer @lemlist
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