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Why it works

This campaign is specifically tailored for Software Developer Engineers in Test (SDET) who are likely interested in remote, full-time positions. It employs a dual-channel approach, using both LinkedIn and email, to maximize reach and engagement. The campaign starts with an email that provides a comprehensive job description, including salary details, and follows up with a LinkedIn message to reiterate the offer. This multi-touchpoint strategy ensures that the candidate has all the necessary information and multiple opportunities to engage.

Learning about this campaign

The campaign is designed to engage SDETs who are looking for long-term, remote job opportunities. It uses a multi-step, dual-channel outreach strategy that starts with an email, followed by a LinkedIn message. The email is particularly detailed, providing all the necessary information about the job, including the salary range, to entice the candidate. The LinkedIn message serves as a follow-up to ensure that the candidate has received and considered the offer.

When to use it

This campaign is best used for headhunting SDETs who are interested in remote, full-time positions. It's structured to provide all the necessary details upfront, building credibility and interest right from the first touchpoint. The follow-up LinkedIn message ensures that the candidate has multiple opportunities to engage, increasing the likelihood of a successful hire.

Who can use it

Recruiters and HR professionals targeting SDETs for remote, full-time positions can benefit from this campaign. It's designed to initiate conversations and build relationships, ultimately leading to successful hires. The detailed job description in the initial email and the follow-up LinkedIn message make it a comprehensive and effective strategy for recruitment.

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