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Not selling to your ICP means you’re trying to sell to the wrong people.

Knowing your business buyer personas can determine a 100% increase in web page visits, a 900% increase in visit duration, and a 111% increase in email open rate.

Identifying your business’ buyer persona takes a lot of time as you have to analyze your customer base, conduct market research, and validate feedback.

Let’s use lemlist’s buyer persona generator to speed up the process.
How to find your buyer persona for free
First, input your business email so lemlist can fetch the value proposition and business description for you.
Edit the value proposition and your product or service description. The more details you give the persona generator, the better.

Then, select your market focus (either B2B or B2C) and click Confirm & create personas.
lemlist will show you 3 personas that you can download, analyze, and use to personalize email copy, increase reply rates, get more LinkedIn connections, and make the most out of your cold outreach efforts.
Each profile includes your future client’s pain points, root cause, business impact, and dream outcome. Also, the lemlist persona generator gives you tips on how to better connect with your future clients and which outreach channel is the right fit.
What is a buyer persona? 
A buyer persona represents a fictional representation of your business’s ideal customer, which gets the most out of your products or business. You can create your business persona based on characteristics such as industry, demographics, behavior, pain points, desired outcomes, and more.
Why you should define your buyer persona
Knowing your ideal customers can help you better direct marketing efforts and focus on retaining your business’s most valuable customers.

Also, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences.
How many buyer personas should your business have?
When you target everybody, you’re targeting no one. So don’t create too many personas to reach more people and drive more revenue. In general, 3 to 5 personas are enough, and 3 to 4 personas account for 90% of your total sales.
Create your buyer persona
Identifying your ideal client may seem overwhelming.  And the process is even more complex for new or soon-to-be-launched companies

.lemlist offers an efficient solution. Its free AI persona generator will help you find the right clients for your business.

With your clients’ profiles lined out for you, ensure you have the right reachout strategy. lemlist has a 14-day free trial - no card required, so you can personalize your message for each buyer persona.
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