Cleaning Data

Clean Company Name

Clean up the company name specified in the input.

- Ensure that the name is free from extraneous text, symbols, and unnecessary legal identifiers like 'Inc.' or 'LLC' unless required.

- If the name look like a domain name like [Company Name].fr or [Company Name].io, keep only the company name

- Correct any inconsistent formatting by standardizing capitalization and removing inappropriate punctuation.

- Trim any extra spaces to tidy up the overall appearance of the company name.

The goal is to reflect the most accurate and professional version of the company name.

If you don't have the information output: N/A
Input: {{companyName}}

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Your input

1. ‘Tech Innovations   Inc.’

2. ‘’

3. ‘’

4. ‘’


1. ‘Tech Innovations’

2. ‘Greenland-tech’

3. ‘Websolutions’

4. ‘N/A’

How to find this variable?

The company name can be obtained from business directories, LinkedIn company profiles, or B2B lead databases such as lemlist. Ensure to extract and refine this data to maintain accuracy and relevance in your outreach.

How to use it?

Use the cleaned company name to tailor business proposals, sales pitches, or marketing materials. A correctly formatted company name not only enhances readability but also demonstrates professionalism, potentially increasing trust and response rates.

Use cases

B2B Sales: Customize sales emails and documents with the correct company name to show thoroughness and attention to detail.

Marketing Campaigns: Target companies more effectively by using their proper names in advertising and promotional campaigns.

Networking Events: Use the accurate company names when creating attendee lists or name tags to facilitate smoother introductions and interactions.

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