Cleaning Data

Clean domain name

Normalize the URL specified in the input to ensure a clean and standardized company domain name.

- Remove any protocols like 'http://' or 'https://' or "www"
- Strip away any paths, parameters, or query strings to focus solely on the base domain, including the top-level domain like '.com' or '.fr'.
- Convert all characters to lowercase to standardize the format, and trim any extraneous spaces.

- The goal is to achieve a uniformly formatted and fully functional domain name that represents the company's online identity.

- The output can only be the domainName, don’t make any comments and don't put quote
- If the input is empty, output: N/A

Input: "{{companyDomain}}"

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Your input

1. ‘’

2. ‘’

3. ‘’

4. ‘’


1. ‘’

2. ‘’

3. ‘’

4. ‘N/A’

How to find this variable?

The domain name is typically listed on a company’s official website, B2B lead database from lemlist, business cards, or can be obtained from digital business directories.

How to use it?

This cleaned and normalized domain name can be used to verify a company’s web presence, send tailored email communications, or assist in digital marketing strategies targeting specific businesses.

Use cases

Email Marketing: Utilize the standardized domain name for sending personalized emails directly to company-specific addresses.

Online Research: Conduct more accurate company research by using the standardized domain to access the company’s official website.

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