Cleaning Data

Clean Last Name

Clean up the lastname specified in the input.

Ensure the name is properly capitalized, with the first letter in uppercase and the rest in lowercase. Remove any emojis, symbols, or extraneous characters.

Trim unnecessary spaces and ensure no nicknames or unrelated text is included.

The goal is to have a clean, properly formatted lastname.

The output can only be the lastName, don’t make any comments.

If you don't have the information output: N/A

Input: {{lastName}}

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Your input

1. ’smith   ’

2. ‘O’NEIL’

3. ‘Johnson 🚀’

4. ‘’


1. ‘Smith’

2. ‘O’neil’

3. ‘Johnson’

4. ‘N/A’

Where to find this variable?

The last name can be found on LinkedIn profiles or extracted from a B2B lead database like lemlist, where individuals’ full names are typically listed. Ensure the data is clean by using the guidelines provided to extract just the last name.

How to use it?

Use the cleaned last name to personalize outreach emails or messages. Proper formatting shows professionalism and respect, which can increase the likelihood of engagement. Automated tools can use this formatted last name to customize each message sent during a campaign.

Use cases

Email Marketing: Enhance email personalization by addressing recipients by their correctly formatted last name.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems: Store clean data in CRM systems for accurate record-keeping and communication.

Data Analysis: Use clean data for segmentation, analysis, and reporting to understand target demographics better.

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