Cleaning Data

Clean the job title of your leads

Classify the input job title of this person to retain only the core job title, removing any extraneous information such as 'we're hiring', emoticon, seniority levels, or additional descriptions that are unimportant.We want to have only the main job title.

If the input is empty, output 'N/A'

Remove all quotes from the output

Examples: Input: 'Sales Operations Manager'

Output: Sales

Input: 'Sales Development Representative'

Output: Sales

Input: '{{title}}'


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Your input

Example 1:

Input: ‘Senior Sales Operations Manager - We’re hiring! 🚀’

Example 2:

Input: ‘Entry-Level Software Developer (Remote)’

Example 3:

Input: ‘Vice President of Marketing - Apply Now!’

Example 4:

Input: ‘’


Example 1:

Output: ‘Sales Operations Manager’

Example 2:

Output: ‘Software Developer’

Example 3:

  • Output: ‘Vice President of Marketing’

Example 4:

Output: ‘N/A’

Where to find this variable?

You can find the job title variable on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, where individuals list their current and previous job roles.

How to use it?

Use the simplified job title to personalize cold outreach messages. For instance, addressing potential clients or job candidates by their exact role increases the relevancy and directness of the communication, potentially improving response rates.

Use cases

Recruitment: Recruiters can tailor their messages to appeal directly to the professional interests of potential candidates.

Sales and Marketing: Sales professionals can customize their pitches to resonate better with the prospective clients’ industry-specific needs.

Networking: When reaching out to form new professional connections, using the correct job title helps in making the interaction more personalized and respectful.

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