Identify leads

Identify B2B or B2C companies

Based on the following company description, determine if the company is very likely to be a Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) company.

Output 'B2C' if it is very probable that the company is B2C.
Output 'B2B' if it is very probable that the company is B2B.
Output 'N/A' if the company description is empty.

Input company description: {{companyDescription}}

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Your input

1. ‘We create personalized shopping experiences for end consumers with our innovative e-commerce platform.’

2. ‘Providing robust supply chain solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises.’

3. ‘Dedicated to delivering professional-grade tools and equipment to construction companies.’

4. ‘’


1. B2C

2. B2B

3. B2B

4. N/A

How to find this variable?

A company’s business model (B2B or B2C) can typically be identified through its website or B2B lead database.

How to use it?

Knowing whether a company is B2B or B2C helps tailor communication and marketing efforts. For instance, B2B communications may focus on ROI, efficiency, and long-term partnerships, whereas B2C communications might highlight customer benefits, convenience, and personalization.

Use cases

Marketing Campaigns: Develop and execute marketing campaigns that are specifically designed to engage either businesses or individual consumers based on the company’s target audience.

Product Offerings: Adjust product or service offerings to better suit the needs of either businesses or consumers, based on the identified model.

Sales Strategies: Customize sales approaches to address the specific needs and buying behaviors of businesses or individual consumers, enhancing effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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