How Stepward signed $21k worth of deals with lemlist’s Inbox rotation

Frédéric Duhirel, Co-founder of Stepward, used lemlist’s Inbox rotation to reach out to more leads without the risk of landing in spam.

Interested rate
Revenue generated from 1 campaign
More meetings booked

Meet Stepwad, a leading B2B growth hacking agency

Stepward is a growth hacking agency 100% dedicated to outbound marketing.

From strategy to operations, this team of 5 growth hackers and entrepreneurs helps to develop prospecting campaigns aligned to their clients’ targets and value propositions.

We’re a team of passionate Growth Hackers and entrepreneurs here to give you the best! - Frédéric DUHIREL, Co-founder of Stepward & MirrorProfiles

Stepward is helping start-ups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs to

→ generate qualified leads with automated multi-channel prospecting
→ accelerate recruitment through growth hacking
→ boost productivity by automating redundant tasks

We deliver meaningful results, optimize for the best ROI, and see our clients thrive with a steady stream of quality leads.

After 10+ years of experience and 50+ satisfied customers supported for several years, their success didn’t come without challenges.

Like many other lead gen agencies, Stepward struggled to reach out to a large number of qualified leads without spending hours on manual and repetitive outreach tasks.

Reaching more customers without landing in spam

The fastest way to generate revenue with cold outreach is to send personalized campaigns to as many qualified leads as possible.

But, sending 200+ daily emails per sender can hurt your domain, landing your emails in the spam folder where you can't reach your leads.

Without lemlist, to beat email sending volume limits and reach more potential buyers, Fred would have to:

→ manually duplicate campaign content
→ manually assign different reps as senders
→ manually distribute leads to each sender’s campaign

which led to tons of hours & $$$ lost on repetitive outreach tasks.

Thanks to lemlist's Inbox rotation, he could automate these steps and send 1 campaign from multiple lemlist accounts. All without manual efforts.

Using different sending accounts at scale

Inbox rotation (coupled with MirrorChat for LinkedIn, it's a 100% complete solution for managing messages.

All Fred had to do was select different lemlist accounts as senders, and lemlist randomly assigned them different leads.

But, as an outreach pro, Fred went a step further and used an option to “Force a sender,” ensuring that specific steps were performed from specific accounts.

This feature is unique and works extremely well. Personally, I often put 3 MirrorProfiles accounts on the Linkedin side and 2 different emails in the same sequence.

Because prospects might get fatigued seeing repeated messages from the same person, using different accounts helps distribute the outreach and reduces these risks. Plus, it keeps you safe from deliverability troubles and being marked as spam.

For those in the know, it's like a reverse ABM. By multiplying the number of different senders, you can increase your response rate by 30%.

More contacted leads = More growth opportunities

lemlist is not only the best tool on the market for deploying cross-channel campaigns (Emailing and Linkedin) but also the most comprehensive. 98% of our customers enjoy working with us and have seen results in just a few weeks.

lemlist features helped Stepward get 10% Interested rate that lead to 12x more meetings booked!

Thanks to lemlist’s Inbox rotation, Stepward managed to reach more customers with less effort, securing more positive replies.

The outcome? 21k euros generated from only 2 campaigns!

With these results, the Stepward crew is on a mission like never before to double their success and get more leads for their prospects. And their outreach tool of choice? 👇

On the agency side, it's a pleasure to have a robust tool where we can easily deploy our strategy. That's what we want from a tool: simplicity and robustness. lemlist ticks all the boxes. Now it's up to us to scale our clients' lead generation to achieve the best possible ROI ;)

Stepward is a growth hacking agency that helps entrepreneurs and startups get their businesses to scale through outbound marketing.
Paris & Bordeaux, France
Lead Generation Agency
6 employees
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