How Leads solution used lemlist to personalize follow-up at scale & double revenue

Benjamin Mareschal de Charentenay, the founder of Leads solution, used lemlist to double his revenue with hyper-personalization on autopilot.

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Meet Leads Solution, a reliable partner in hyper-targeted outreach

Leads solution specializes in targeted lead generation so their clients can attract prospects most likely to become loyal customers.

They specialize in partnering with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), offering customized solutions to:

  1. identify the most relevant prospects
  2. create a tailored strategy for lead generation
  3. accelerate growth by connecting with qualified prospects

We firmly believe that SMEs are the heart of innovation and local economic development. By working closely with them, we are committed to providing tailor-made solutions that meet their needs, promoting their growth and success. - Benjamin Mareschal de Charentenay, the founder of Leads solution

But, finding and closing new customers for their clients wasn’t always as smooth as it is today.

If Benjamin wanted to scale his business, he had to find a way to keep sending high volume outreach campaigns without compromising quality and personalization as key to standing out and getting replies.

How to reach out at scale without compromising quality

Before adopting lemlist, the challenges of email campaigns were numerous and often complex…

Like many outreach agencies, Benjamin was struggling to personalize outreach at scale.

Customizing each email to different leads’ pain points would take way too much time without a guarantee of getting a reply.

In addition, the lack of automation in email follow-up required a considerable investment of time and limited the ability to engage meaningfully with prospects.

Because he wanted to follow up with his leads in a timely manner, he would have to spend hours checking different channels and tracking their interactions manually to know what and where to respond.

Measuring and analyzing campaign performance was also complex, making it difficult to identify winning strategies and areas for improvement.

The effort he would have to put into his outreach wasn’t matching desired outcomes, so Benjamin decided to give lemlist a chance - an all in one outreach tool he spotted on LinkedIn.

Hyper-personalized follow-up, on auto-pilot

I needed to test several competitors and lemlist matched all my expectations.

With lemlist, Benjamin could choose different channels from whom he would reach out and follow his leads automatically.

Besides email follow-up, now he could automate LinkedIn steps that are usually performed manually in the native LinkedIn app:

  • LinkedIn profile visits; to increase the chances of prospects accepting his connection request
  • LinkedIn invites; to expose his personal brand and get in touch more easily
  • LinkedIn messages; to remind them of his message and stay on the top of their mind

In addition to messages, lemlist users can add cold call steps, reminders to perform manual tasks (such as commenting on LinkedIn posts), or connect API to set up unique processes.

Thanks to the lemlist’s custom variables, he could have adjusted each part of his email to different leads on autopilot, including:

→ text variables

No matter how many emails they send, lemlist users can automatically personalize any part of their message to grab leads' attention and build trust (e.g., intro line, pitch, CTA).

→ image variables

Anyone can stand out with personalized images by automatically adding leads' names, logos, website screenshots, etc.

→ video variables

Gayle was able to give value to his prospects on a more personal level and grab their attention with custom video thumbnails

→ website variables

lemlist users can build personalized landing pages just for each lead where they can embed booking calendars and include assets or CTA

To track his outreach progress, he could have checked the most important metrics in lemlist’s reporting and double-checked his success.

Thanks to customizable Tabs with diverse widgets, he could personalize his reports and get all the necessary info in seconds!

Doubling revenue while doing less repetitive tasks

“The personalization of the emails and the addition of variable helped me so much in outreach”

With lemlist’s hyper-personalization at scale and custom reporting, Benjamin managed to get campaigns with 23%+ reply rates!

This new approach secured him signing new deals with 35% sales growth and doubling his Annual Recurring Revenue!

Leads solution specializes in targeted lead generation so their clients can attract prospects most likely to become loyal customers.
Bordeaux, France
Sales Outreach Agency

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