How RightMarket booked 10x more sales meetings with lemlist's automated LinkedIn outreach

Dave Shillingford, Sales Manager at RightMarket, used lemlist’s automated LinkedIn steps to meet leads on their terms and increase his reply rates.

More meetings booked
More LinkedIn connections
Replies in a niche campaign

Meet RightMarket, a time-saver for marketers

One of the biggest challenges of marketing departments is to keep their brand identity consistent over different locations, departments, or platforms.

Otherwise, inconsistent usage of non-approved brand assets can cause costly friction between colleagues.

That’s where the RightMarket brand management platform jumps in, allowing anyone in the company to create and use templates that align with brand guidelines.

We provide an easy-to-use platform that enables anyone, regardless of their design experience, to create professional, on-brand marketing materials from brand-approved Smart templates. - Dave Shillingford, the Sales Manager of RightMarket

How to catch prospects’ attention in a mailbox full of other generic messages?

Like most businesses, we've always naturally grown through referrals, but we decided that we needed to have a new strategy to grow to the next level, in order to do this we need to tell more people that we exist. So we started to increase the way that we market ourselves through outbound.

But, in today’s saturated SaaS market, getting attention from marketing and brand managers seems like a mission impossible.

Mailboxes of communication teams and creative departments are overflown with cold emails, which makes it hard for Dave to stand out and pitch his product and service offering.

So how did RightMarket get 30.000 on-brand designs created monthly by over 25.500 registered users? Which outreach tactics helped Dave raise awareness about RightMarket’s unique value?

Here’s a full story of how one recommendation of lemlist, an all-in-one outreach solution, changed Dave’s outreach process for good.

Engaging with leads on their favorite channels

Before lemlist, Dave struggled to catch his prospects’ attention in their mailbox full of generic messages. How to ensure that prospects notice and actually read carefully crafted outreach messages?

As the recommendation was so strong and after using various email tools in the past, that was enough for us to use lemlist. Once we signed up, we could instantly get to work and see how easy it was to use.

To get leads straight to his outreach campaign, Dave used the lemlist Chrome extension.

The extension allowed him to scrape all his leads from a LinkedIn or Sales navigator search and send them directly to his lemlist outreach campaign in seconds!

It's just kind of having all of the tools under one roof, automating things, automating email sequences, adding more personalization, and much more.

While basic campaigns rely on a single outreach method, Dave went a step further and used a combination of channels such as email, LinkedIn, phone calls, etc.

This means that, instead of fighting for prospects’ attention in their mailboxes, he could reach them on LinkedIn at scale by automating

  • LinkedIn profile visits; to increase the chances of prospects accepting his connection request,
  • LinkedIn invites; to expose their personal brand and get in touch with leads more easily,
  • LinkedIn messages; to remind them of his email and stay on the top of their mind!

As we all know, LinkedIn is such a powerful database to find and connect with your ideal target customers and build relationships. Being able to drop a profile visit, follow up with a personalized email, and send a connection request has been such a powerful process. It allows you to add that human touch at scale.

We can initially view someone's profile, then send them an email to say, hey, you know, we really like what you bring to the table with your expertise and experience from LinkedIn. And here's a bit about us. And then, going through that sequence, if, for example, we don't get a reply or it's not of interest, we finish it off with a LinkedIn request. We're also getting our networks growing, which is really, really great.

Because he started connecting on the channels his leads prefer, and based on their availability, going multi-channel increased the chances of Dave’s leads engaging with him!

Automating email sequences and implementing things like LinkedIn to add more personalization has been really, really key to better results. Having that full clarity on how well our campaigns are doing and executing those campaigns easily is what makes lemlist stand out for us.

More outreach channels = More meetings

Nowadays, everyone's email inboxes are flooded with emails, and it’s very hard to stand out from the crowd. lemlist helped us include different touchpoints into our campaigns, so we are not relying solely on avoiding the spam filter. We can add more human, personalized touches to our outreach campaigns.

Thanks to lemlist automation of multichannel steps, Dave got a 1.52% interest rate, resulting in 13 meetings booked. That’s 10x more meetings than to before!

I've looked at other tools like HubSpot, but with lemlist, you just know what you're doing, and it's really easy, especially from a beginner's perspective.

At RightMarket, they’re seeing roughly a 20% increase in connection requests without spending hours doing it manually.

That's probably one of our biggest metrics. With lemlist, we’ve been able to get in front of as many people as possible, refine the messaging, and understand what's working and what's not.

As for the future? With these results, Dave is motivated to double his success and get even more LinkedIn leads for RightMarket. And his outreach tool of choice? 👇

I have not come across another tool that is this easy to use, and that also has LinkedIn automation as a lemlist. lemlist is the key to creating a real human approach to outreach.

RightMarket is the brand management tool that allows anyone in the company to create and use templates that align with brand guidelines.
Cambridgeshire, UK
30 employees

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