How The Atomic Agency got +15% revenue with lemlist’s personalization

Gayle Rogers, Founder of Atomic Agency, used lemlist to engage and build meaningful relationships with his leads at scale.

More meetings scheduled
Conversion rate
Increase in revenue

Meet Atomic, a digital marketing agency that does things differently

Atomic Agency is a digital marketing agency that helps their clients start real conversations with their target audience.

Real conversational marketing means engaging your customers, prospects, suppliers, vendors, and industry experts in one-to-one conversations and promoting them through video, social media, blog posts, and primary research. - Gayle Rogers, Founder of The Atomic Agency

They offer prospecting, business development, strategic research, relationship building, recruiting, thought leadership, and marketing services.

Atomic aims to help clients build trust with their prospects and create relationships that grow businesses.

They primarily work with clients from tourism, economic development, religious organizations, staffing, banking, and real estate. Their ICPs are community leaders, members, customers, prospects, suppliers, vendors, and industry experts.

Most of all, we are fans of the work. It’s what inspires us. It’s what happens when creativity, design, messaging, and results all come together. It truly is something to behold!

But, as relationship-building is the core of their business model, how did they engage with so many leads worldwide without losing the human touch?

Outreach at scale while keeping it human

Our main goal is to create conversations. Everything else that happens, networking, marketing content, and prospecting, is all a by-product of having a conversation.

The Atomic crew believes that having meaningful conversations and genuinely trying to help is way more effective than being a pushy salesperson.

So, if they wanted to start conversations with their target audience, they had to approach them hyper-targeted and ultra-personalized.

This means that every outreach needs to sound like it was written especially for that lead, and it’s not another generic message from a person who doesn’t care to help them.

The more people send out thousands of spam emails daily, the harder it is to connect with people.

But manually crafting each email for different leads would take way too many hours. Not to mention manually reaching out to them on multiple channels and trying to keep up with everyone's replies promptly.

After thoroughly researching the best cold email software, Gayle decided to give lemlist a chance - an all-in-one outreach tool.

I needed a solution to create and manage sustainable outreach campaigns. The best thing about lemlist is your intent on maintaining a healthy email ecosystem.

Automated multichannel outreach sequences

If was immediately clear that lemlist aligned without values. Plus, it was extremely easy to use.

Before lemlist, Gayle struggled to reach large audiences without sounding generic or like a robot.

With lemlist, he could have chosen different channels that would be automatically synced across the same outreach campaign.

Because he would connect with his leads on the channels they prefer, and based on their availability, he would show a willingness to go the extra mile, which helps build rapport and increase the chances of positive replies.

Besides email follow-up, now he could automate LinkedIn steps that are usually performed manually in the native LinkedIn app:

  • LinkedIn profile visits; to increase the chances of prospects accepting his connection request
  • LinkedIn invites; to expose his personal brand and get in touch more easily
  • LinkedIn messages; to remind them of his message and stay on the top of their mind

Aside from messages, lemlist users can add cold call steps, reminders to perform manual tasks (such as commenting on LinkedIn posts), or connect API to set up unique processes.

Once he decided on his leads’ preferred channel, he knew he had to personalize his emails to come off as a friend rather than a person solely focused on his own goal.

Thanks to the lemlist’s custom variables, he could have adjusted each part of his email to different leads on autopilot, including:

→ text variables

No matter how many emails they send, lemlist users can automatically personalize any part of their message to grab leads' attention and build trust (e.g., intro line, pitch, CTA).

→ image variables

Anyone can stand out with personalized images by automatically adding leads' names, logos, website screenshots, etc.

→ video variables

Gayle was able to give value to his prospects on a more personal level and grab their attention with custom video thumbnails

→ website variables

lemlist users can build personalized landing pages just for each lead where they can embed booking
calendars and include assets or CTA

Building relationships > Pushing sales

Even though Gayle wanted his business to scale, he wanted to stay true to their values and ensure each interaction with their leads was meaningful.

Thanks to lemlist’s automation, he could reach thousands of prospects while keeping that human touch that would help him stand out and get positive replies.

Here’s an example of his campaign where he got a 14%+ reply rate and booked over 20 meetings!

Our conversion rates doubled. With 10x more meetings scheduled, we increased our revenue by 15%!
The Atomic Agency is a digital marketing agency that aims to start real one-to-one conversations and promote them through video, social media, blog posts, and primary research.
Birmingham, AL
Digital Marketing Services
5 employees

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