Taplio x lemlist: How to turn LinkedIn engagement into sales opportunities

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November 3, 2023

Traditional salespeople make 100+ calls and send 200+ emails daily just to end up with barely 1 closed deal. Instead, modern salespeople build their personal brands on LinkedIn and transform their profiles into leads’ sources, booking 20+ meetings weekly.

Consistently being active on LinkedIn helps you position yourself as a source of value and boosts your credibility, which pushes your target to engage with your posts. People who like or comment on your posts signalize they might have a pain your product or service can solve.

Creating a dedicated outreach sequence specifically for those interested in your content can increase your reply rates and move them further in the sales process. But, manually exporting those leads takes a lot of time and leads to human error, resulting in missed growth opportunities.

Luckily, with Taplio x lemlist integration, you can automatically:

✔️ send outreach sequences to people who engaged with your or your competitors’ posts
✔️ send a personalized LinkedIn connection request to people from your Sales Navigator search
✔️ visit your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles and follow up with additional emails
… and much more!

In this article, you’ll find the 6-step process that will help you turn your LinkedIn likes and comments into a powerful lead pipe in less than 5 mins!

6-step process to turn LinkedIn engagement into cash

Step #1 Connect Taplio and lemlist accounts

[  ] Go to Taplio → Account Settings → Integrations → lemlist → Get my API key

[  ] The redirect will take you to lemlist’s Integrations page (ensure you’re logged in before), where you’ll go to the API section → copy the lemlist API key

[  ] Go back to Taplio → paste your lemlist API key → Save

Step #2 Scrape your target audience from a LinkedIn post

[  ] Go to the LinkedIn post where your target audience engaged → Copy the link to the post

Step #3 Add your LinkedIn leads to Taplio

[  ] Go to Taplio → CRM section → Contacts → Create a new list (or pick any pre-made Contacts list)

[  ] Click on Add people → Import people from a specific post → Paste your link → Import

Step #4 Create a campaign in lemlist

[  ] Go to lemlist → New campaign → Sequence

From there, you want to create a dedicated campaign that will resonate with the post your prospects engaged with. This will help you connect with them personally and increase your reply chances.

In this example, Tal added an automated LinkedIn connection request with a message referring to the post his prospects engaged with. This helped him stand out from other generic messages and build rapport more quickly.

You can also add an automated email step with a personalized intro line referring to the post your prospects engaged with. Then, you can use a customized pitch to dig further into the post topic and emphasize your prospects’ pain points. This will push your prospects to book a meeting as they want to hear about the solution.

P.S. To help you create campaigns that get replies, check out these 20+ cold email templates you can replicate to open new business opportunities.

Step #5 Add your LinkedIn leads to your lemlist campaign

[  ] Go back to Taplio’s contact list → Push to lemlist → Select the lemlist campaign in which you want to import your scraped leads

[  ] To avoid duplicated leads, make sure to check the “don’t push contacts if they are already on lemlist” option

[  ] As Taplio’s Pro subscriber, you’ll be able to save import time by automatically adding new contacts to your lemlist campaigns

Step #6 Review leads & send your lemlist campaign

[  ] Go back to your lemlist campaign, where you’ll find new LinkedIn leads as a part of your Leads list

[  ] Review your leads to send your campaign and watch the replies coming 🎉

The key takeaways

Whenever someone engages with your or somebody else’s content on LinkedIn, this signals their interest in the topic. If your product or service can help them solve the pain point from the post, this turns LinkedIn likers and commenters into promising prospects you could reach out to and nurture.

Using Taplio x lemlist integration, you can save time on all manual lead scraping and contacting efforts. By following this 6-step process, turn your LinkedIn engagement into $$$ in just a few minutes without coding skills.

P.S. If you want to write posts that will attract and scrape the most qualified leads, check out the personal branding school and get

  • strategies to go from 0 to 10k followers in 6 months
  • posts & templates that generate thousands of views
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