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  • How to use cold emailing for marketing, growth, & recruiting
  • How to turn LinkedIn engagement into sales opportunities


5 ways to personalize subject lines for more replies

Whether you send newsletters to an audience, cold emails to prospects, or any other emails to an audience - the first thing they see is your subject line.

A personalized subject line shows the audience that your email is written just for them! By talking to your audience directly, your email stands out from the hundreds of generic emails they receive daily. This makes them want to read your email, which boosts your open rates.

Here are 5 variables you can use to personalize your subject lines 🔥

#1 Pain point

→ Include a pain point to show that you understand your prospects’ struggles and tease them to open your email to find a solution.


#2 Interest

→ Research your target audience in & outside their work and use their interests to show you made an effort to get in touch with them.


#3 Interaction

→ If you've recently interacted with your prospects, mention it in the subject line to keep the conversation going.


#4 Shared hobby

→ If you share a hobby with your audience, it’s the perfect way to start a conversation on a friendly note.


#5 Special days

→ Birthdays, founding days, or launch days can trigger emotions and help you build rapport with prospects more easily.


P.S. After sending 1000s of emails, we’ve cracked the code on subject lines that push people to open & reply to your emails.

In this playbook, you can get 100+ email subject line templates for your next campaign and book more meetings. For free! 👇


How to use cold emailing for marketing, growth, & recruiting

Cold emails can help you start a conversation with anyone and establish new relationships to grow your business. Therefore, it's not limited to salespeople, as it can be helpful for anyone looking to network, collaborate, or open new business opportunities. 💪

For example, you can use cold emailing in different departments and industries to boost business growth, such as:

→ Marketing

✅  announce a product launch

e.g., highlight the benefits and offer an exclusive discount or early access to create a sense of urgency and generate interest

✅ promote an event

e.g., give information about the event and highlight the key benefits that will encourage people to register and attend

✅ ask for customer feedback

e.g., offer an incentive, such as a discount on a future purchase, to encourage valuable insights that can help improve your offering

→ Growth

✅ generate leads

e.g., send a relevant message that targets prospects' pain points and offers value to capture their interest and start a conversation

✅  build partnerships

e.g., identify complementary businesses or influencers in your industry and reach out to them to propose a partnership or collaboration

✅  cross-sell & upsell

e.g., analyze prospects' purchase history and promote complementary or upgraded products to increase their lifetime value

→ Recruiting & HR use cases

✅  build a talent pipeline

e.g., you can save time and money on recruiting in the long run, as you'll already build a relationship with highly qualified potential candidates

✅  network with industry professionals

e.g., reach out to people who work for companies you admire, attend industry events, or gain expertise in a particular area that could be valuable to your organization

✅  promote your employer's brand

e.g., reach out to potential candidates and highlight your organization's culture, mission, and values to build a positive reputation and attract top talent

P.S. To grow your business across multiple departments, get  20+ successful cold email templates and watch the replies come in! 🚀


How to turn LinkedIn engagement into sales opportunities

Traditional salespeople make 100+ calls and send 200+ emails daily just to end up with barely 1 closed deal..

Instead, modern salespeople build their personal brands on LinkedIn and transform their profiles into leads’ sources, booking 20+ meetings weekly. 🙌

Consistently being active on LinkedIn helps you position yourself as a source of value and boosts your credibility, which pushes your target to engage with your posts. People who like or comment on your posts most likely have a pain your product or service can solve.

Creating a dedicated outreach sequence for those interested in your content can increase your reply rates and move them further in the sales process. But, manually exporting those leads takes a lot of time and leads to human error, resulting in missed growth opportunities. 🥵

That's why we're excited to announce the new Taplio x lemlist integration, which will help you automatically:

✔️ send outreach sequences to people who engaged with your or your competitors' posts

✔️ send personalized LinkedIn connection requests to people from your Sales Navigator search

✔️ visit your prospects' LinkedIn profiles and send follow-up emails

… and much more!

How? Follow this 6-step process to help you turn your LinkedIn likes and comments into a powerful lead pipe without any coding skills required! ⬇️


Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
Co-Founder & CEO @lempire | Sharing outreach tips for growing business & leveraging sales AI
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