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Campaign overview

This outbound marketing campaign takes an approach similar to inbound strategies by focusing on providing valuable information about marketing, AI, and targeting marketers. It includes several emails, starting with an introduction that highlights the author's expertise and offers a valuable SEO playbook, followed by practical tips and tools for improving SEO and user engagement.

Why it works

- Addresses common pain points

The campaign begins with a personal introduction that establishes credibility and trust by showcasing the author's extensive experience. It directly tackles common marketing challenges by offering actionable and straightforward SEO techniques.

- Offers immediate value

From the first email, recipients get access to a free playbook with practical SEO strategies, enhancing the perceived value of the communication and encouraging engagement. Each subsequent email continues to deliver valuable insights and tools, maintaining interest and participation.

- Multi-channel engagement

By suggesting activities like webinars and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, the campaign reaches beyond email to create multiple touchpoints. This strategy reinforces the message and increases the chances of interaction.

Learning from this campaign

- Highlight specific benefits

The campaign effectively communicates the benefits of the offered SEO strategies and tools. This clarity helps recipients understand the immediate value and potential impact on their work.

- Leverage data and results

Using specific, actionable steps that include data analysis and content iteration strategies builds credibility. Offering real-life examples and recommending tools like Sequens.ai and ChatGPT for implementation shows a deep understanding of available market tools.

- Create a sense of community

Encouraging participation in industry-related events and online platforms fosters a sense of community and ongoing engagement. This approach builds trust and positions the author as a thought leader in the industry.

When to use it

- For marketers and SEO specialists

This strategy is well-suited for professionals in marketing and SEO who are actively looking for ways to enhance their strategies and are open to new tools and approaches.

- In customer engagement and retention campaigns

It is ideal for businesses looking to build a rapport with their audience, providing continuous value and building a loyal customer base.

Who can use it

- SaaS companies

Especially those offering marketing and SEO tools that can benefit from demonstrating their effectiveness through practical applications.

- Marketing and sales professionals

Those looking to demonstrate the impact of their strategies or tools directly to potential clients by providing hands-on, actionable content.

- Business consultants

Professionals who advise on digital marketing and SEO strategies, offering practical solutions to common industry challenges.

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Octave Laurentin
CEO @Sequens
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