Cold Email Template: faire un follow-up après le partage d'un lead magnet

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Why it Works

This campaign leverages the principle of reciprocity by providing upfront value with the SEO proposal template. It taps into the common pain point of drafting complex documents like SEO briefs and offers a practical solution. By following up with additional resources and the offer of expert assistance, it nurtures the lead and builds trust.

Learning from this Campaign

The key takeaway from this campaign is the importance of providing actionable value early in the customer journey. By giving something of use, like a template, you're not only helping potential clients with their immediate needs but also positioning yourself as a helpful and knowledgeable authority in your field.

When to Use It

This strategy is particularly effective when targeting individuals who are in the research or planning phase of a project. It's a great way to introduce your services to those who may not yet be ready to commit to a provider but are actively seeking information and tools to assist with their SEO efforts.

Who Can Use It

SEO agencies, consultants, and digital marketing firms can use this template to attract leads that are looking for guidance in creating SEO briefs. It's also suitable for any business that can offer a practical tool or resource that addresses a specific need in their industry.

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