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Why It Works

This campaign effectively engages leads by addressing a specific and relatable problem in digital marketing - the discrepancy between ad views and landing page conversions. The initial email piques curiosity by directly referencing an observed issue, which is likely to resonate with the recipient. Subsequent emails and the phone call offer practical assistance and solutions, demonstrating the sender's expertise and willingness to help. This approach not only captures the lead's attention but also positions the sender as a valuable resource and potential partner.

Learning from this Campaign

The campaign highlights the importance of identifying and addressing real-world problems that potential clients face. By offering to help solve these issues, the sender builds trust and establishes a connection with the lead. The strategy also shows the effectiveness of combining direct observations with technical insights, making the communication more personalized and impactful. Additionally, the inclusion of a phone call step adds a personal touch and provides an opportunity for more in-depth discussion.

When to Use It

This strategy is particularly effective for businesses in digital marketing, web development, and analytics services. It's suitable when you have insights or solutions to common problems faced by businesses in online advertising and website performance. Use this approach when you aim to demonstrate your expertise and offer practical help to potential clients.

Who Can Use It

This campaign can be utilized by digital marketing professionals, web developers, analytics experts, and consultants. It's ideal for those who can provide actionable insights and solutions to improve online marketing performance. This approach is also beneficial for sales professionals in the tech and digital services sectors, looking to establish meaningful connections with potential clients by addressing their immediate needs.

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Head of Product, Design & Ops @lemlist
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