Clean & enrich leads on Google Sheets in 2 clicks

Find your leads' verified emails, create your Ideal Customer Profile with AI, and optimize your cold outreach strategies.
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Clean names & company names in seconds

Remove emojis 👋 from names and exclude legal entities from company names.
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Enrich leads from the web or your CRM

Don't outreach to existing customers, find company domain name, or enrich leads with your CRM data.
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Push data directly to yourlemlist campaign

Don’t waste time by exporting your Google Sheet in CSV.Your file is ready to be pushed in one of your campaign.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is lemlist used for?

lemlist is the only cold outreach tool that helps you reach inboxes and get replies.

With lemlist, you can:

→ Find buyer-ready prospects and their contact details from a database of 450 million leads directly on the platform.

→ Find your leads' valid email addresses directly within lemlist - no need for third-party tools.

→ Write cold emails and LinkedIn messages using AI, and personalize at scale by incorporating custom intro lines, images, dynamic landing pages, liquid syntax, and more.

→ Create multichannel campaigns with advanced conditions to engage leads on their preferred channel at the optimal time, resulting in higher conversions.

→ Avoid the risk of ending up in spam folders by using the most advanced warm-up and deliverability booster available on the market (for free).

37,000+ users from 100+ countries.

On average, 57,284 lemlist campaigns are sent monthly via lemlist, generating $118,641,000 in revenue for sales teams, agencies, and founders.

How can I use the AI cold email generator ?

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Complete the prompt: Fill in the blanks with information relevant to your email. For instance, specify whom you help, how you do it, and why you’re reaching out.
  2. Generate the email: After completing the form, click the "Generate email" button. The AI will use the information you provided to create a personalized cold email.
  3. Review and use your email: Once the email is generated, you can review it, make any necessary edits, and use it for your email campaigns.
What does it mean it's powered by AI ?

It means that the artificial intelligence behind the email generator has been trained on data and patterns from 437 million email campaigns. This extensive dataset allows the AI to understand what types of subject lines, email structures, and content are most effective.

Find leads with verified emails, write and personalize at scale, and get customers with lmlist_