The cold email template that generated $100,000

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Because your network = your net worth, today I wanna share with you my secret steps to create a networking campaign that generated $100,000 in revenue. 💸

📍 What you’ll find in today’s email:

  1. How to find people to network with
  2. How to create a networking campaign that gets replies aka the $100,000 networking email template
  3. What helped me get from being broke to own a $150M business


1. How to find people to network with  

Before I show you how to find the people to network with, here are 4 reasons why networking is so important:

  1. Meet potential business partners
  2. Get intro to new businesses
  3. Learn from people
  4. Get business recommendations

Now, let's say that you wanna network with people who are in your target audience. So why not using your current clients to find new leads? 😎

Here's how to do that:

1. Go to Sales Navigator and find new potential clients based on your current clients profiles

2. Next, you'll get a list of relevant prospects

3. Import your leads to campaign with lemlist Chrome extension

Once the setup is done, you can start creating the campaign! 👇


2.📮 How to create a networking campaign that gets replies

Now, the fun part! There are a few steps to follow to get the best results. We'll cover everything, but let's start with first one. 👇

1. Pick a catchy subject line

Over the years, I've tested so many subject lines. The ones that get the most replies are usually short, sweet and casual.

Examples you can test:

  • Lunch?
  • Growth lunch?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • Your name x your lead's name

2. Break the ice with a personalized intro

The goal here is to build intrigue and create a connection with the reader. 👍

I cannot emphasis enough how important is to research your lead before reaching out, so make sure you create a relevant intro for them.

Here's an example:

  • Founder meeting founders

Hey {FirstName}, I read your article on crossing $10M in ARR, bootstrapped. Seriously, congrats! As a bootstrapper myself, I am particularly interested in exchanging with ambitious founders like you. Especially because I've recently launched a project tailored for bootstrappers and I'd like to get your opinion on.

3. Use personalization to build connections

A clickable thumbnail with the prospect’s first name like Vuk used below grabs attention and skyrocket click rates. 🚀

Plus, you show your leads that you're willing to go the extra mile, which is definitely a point in your favour. Just make sure the video is spot on!

4.  Pick a good CTA to boost replies

A little trick to increase the click rate is to add a question referring to the video as “So, what do you think?”.

Why does it work? Questions like this boost curiosity and make the person click on the video to be able to give you their thoughts. 😎 But it's always a good idea to leverage CTAs that are focused on starting a conversation.

5. Add a personalized video

When a lead clicks on the thumbnail, they'll land on a landing page that is customized for every prospect individually.

Custom text and your video deliver value, while the Calendly embedded below it helps you book more meetings. All in one place with zero friction.

This approach brought us great results:

  • 100+ intros to relevant prospects and closed half of them
  • One networking campaign got us an enterprise client ($50k+/ year)
  • Half of the people we met became our customers
  • In total, it generated $100,000+ in revenue


3. 🎥 What helped me get from being broke to own a $150M business  

5 years ago, I was broke. My girlfriend at that time was paying the rent, and my relationship with my father was suffering a lot because I failed to grow a business that we started together.

2 weeks ago, I recorded a video with something that I wish I knew at that time.. Something that helped me become another person and completely changed my life for the better.

And I hope that it will help you change yours too! ❤️

Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
Co-Founder & CEO @lempire | Sharing outreach tips for growing business & leveraging sales AI
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