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Feb 14
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 Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sales can help you:

✔️ automate manual tasks to improve efficiency

✔️ hyper-personalize your cold emails at scale

✔️ improve your sales pipeline with automated analysis

which gives you more time to connect with your prospects and grow your business!

And if you’re not using them already, your competitors are going to leave you behind.. 🥵

Here are 3 powerful AI sales tools that you can start using today to boost your productivity:

#1 Get an AI meeting assistant with MeetGeek.ai

→ get automatic transcriptions of your sales meetings and demos

→ share recordings and meeting notes with sales leads

→ push tasks and highlights directly into your CRM

#2 Get centralized sales insights with setsail.co

→ use machine learning to detect buying signals and productivity patterns

→ access sales insights in your CRM, data lake, or via SetSail’s dashboard

→ improve sales rep performance via performance metrics and improvement suggestions

#3 Automate your outreach at scale with lemlist

→ avoid writer’s block with custom AI-generated copies

→ save > 1h per campaign with predefined multichannel steps

→ get 3x more replies with unique and convertible sequences

Discover the full list of the top 8 tools that will help you boost productivity and save hours of manual outreach work in this article 👇


 Your prospects are more likely to trust you if they see the results you’ve already achieved.

Including social proof in your cold email helps you build credibility, encouraging your prospects to reply and book a meeting with you.

Here's how you can add social proof to your emails without sounding salesy:

#1 Highlight user statistics

Mention similar clients you've worked with to show your experience and success in their industry.

Mentioning the result you’ve seen with a similar business can help your prospect relate more to your offer 👇

#2 Include data-driven results

Add specific data or industry benchmarks to showcase the measurable impact you’ve had or can have on your prospect.

In the same example as before, you can also make an "extraordinary" guarantee to catch your prospects' attention 👇

#3 Include a short testimonial quote

Include a short quote or testimonial from a satisfied client to show the impact your product or service has had.

For example, if you’re reaching out to a prospect referred by another existing client, you can say 👇

To get more tips on how to write cold emails that build strong relationships with prospects and get replies, check out this free eBook ⬇️


 If you want to get replies to your cold emails you should personalize your outreach and make it relevant to your target audience.

But, personalizing your emails shouldn’t be limited to your audience’s first name or industry. Your content should show your audience that the email is written just for them!

Here are some common personalization mistakes to avoid & how you can fix them 👇

To find out what other outreach mistakes to avoid to book more meetings and grow your business, check out this article ⬇️


Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
$0 to $20M ARR in 5 years bootstrapped | I share tips on how to grow a profitable SaaS business | Founder & CEO @lempire (lemlist, lemwarm, lemcal, taplio, tweethunter)
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