Avoid the spam folder with this email deliverability checklist

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  • Avoid the spam folder with the ultimate email deliverability checklist
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  • Get a marketing strategy that drives sales on autopilot


Top sales advice for getting more replies

Avoid the spam folder with the ultimate email deliverability checklist

Most people think that the success of their outreach is determined by targeting or email content. These elements are important to get more replies, but your email deliverability is the #1 element that will make the difference when reaching out to your audience via email.

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails right to your target’s primary inbox.

It’s the key point that decides if your emails will be read by the person you’re reaching out to or not.

So, how can you make your emails seen by your target audience? What are the things to put in place to get a high deliverability score and avoid all deliverability issues? 😎

We created a complete deliverability ebook that will give you all the answers!

You'll get:

✓ what is an email deliverability and why you should care

✓ what’s the best way to ensure a high deliverability score?

➕  tons of tips to apply to get your emails seen by your prospects


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Book more meetings by adding relevancy

The easiest way to generate replies to a cold email is by sending it to relevant recipients. This can be a pain for agencies as they aren’t directly working with the audience they’re sending emails to.

So, how do you get a 38% reply rate on your cold email by adding relevancy? 👀

Here’s the 4-step process that Matey, this week's lemlister of the week followed in his sequence:

1️⃣ clarify the client’s offer to ensure he's attacking the best pain points

2️⃣ base his argument on the specific buying signal aligned with the client’s offer

If you’re not sure which signals to track, check out this guide that will help you recognize outreach opportunities and increase reply chances.

3️⃣ identify potential target accounts based on the buying signal

To define your exact target audience and get more replies, follow this buyer persona guide that will save you hours of research.

4️⃣ group leads based on common factors that he can use later for his copies

To get the rest of his sequence and copy the structure to book more meetings, check out this post 👇

P.S. If you wanna boost your business visibility, you can become the next lemlister of the week by applying here.


Events worth attending

Get a marketing strategy that drives sales on autopilot

Wondering how to generate more qualified leads via your marketing activities? This event is for you! 💪

Join Fab Giovanetti, award-winning author, marketing consultant & CEO of Alt Marketing School, for our live workshop on November 22 at 5 pm Paris time.

She’ll be sharing strategies and tips to help you amplify your visibility and drive sales on autopilot!

You’ll get:

✓ an outline to audit your current marketing strategy

✓ the framework to re-define your goals

✓ a free dashboard template to modify your existing strategy

✓ a recording and recap of the session

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