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  • 5 subject lines that will boost your outreach results
  • The best cold call practices to book more meetings
  • How to write a catchy LinkedIn headline


Cold email teardown dos and don’ts

3 mistakes to avoid if you wanna get more backlinks

This is a cold email sent by a digital agency targeting people who want to build high-quality backlinks.

Let’s see how the email can be improved and what good elements you can replicate to get a higher reply rate. 😎

1. Too many fluffy words

Fluff in writing refers to unnecessary information that doesn’t provide any value to the reader. The more fluffy words you use, the more your prospects will be confused about your message and not understand why they should read and reply to your email.


✘ ”don’t worry, I might have a solution for you”
→ very vague and not clear

Instead, be specific and add exactly what you can do for your prospect.
✓ ”we can help you get high-quality and authority backlinks to improve your website's search rankings”

Pro tip: Be as straightforward as possible and remove all the additional details to help your prospects understand how you can help them.

2. Irrelevant social proof

Mentioning big names will make you stand out, but only if the name you mentioned is relevant to your prospect’s company size and industry.


✘ ”guest posts from our team have been featured on websites like Dumblittleman.com, Tonights.tv, Addicted2success.com, Vizaca.com, MBN, and more”
→ all these websites might be unknown or irrelevant to your prospects

Instead, you can build social proof by adding the number of websites.
✓ “and currently have more than 4000+ websites in our network”

Pro tip: Using social proof helps you build trust and credibility, but it can also break your relationship with a prospect if it's not real or relevant to them.

3. No clear CTA in the closing line

No clear CTA = No clarity of the next step for the prospect. Remove all the potential friction and add a clear CTA that indicates what the prospect should do to get in touch with you.


✘ ”contact us today to learn more”
→ a bit vague and not very specific as your prospect might wonder “how” and “when” to talk to you

Instead, be specific about the day, hour, and how they can get in touch with you.
✓ ”book a 15-minute meeting on this Calendly link”
✓ ”do you have time for a 15-minute call next Tuesday, at 3 pm CET?”

Pro tip: Add your Calendly link or suggest a specific time to meet your prospect as it cuts all the back-and-forth.

If you find this teardown helpful or want your email analyzed by experts, join the lemlist family community and get your emails improved for more replies! 👇


Spotted in the lemlist family

5 subject lines that will boost your outreach results

The subject line is the first thing your prospect will see and based on which they will set their expectation and decide whether to open your email.

So, what subject lines to use to stand out? 👀

Here are 5 successful examples shared by our community members:

  1. I've got content for {{Podcast}}
  2. Personal video presentation for {{FullName}}
  3. A better way to {{Objective}}
  4. Quick question {{FirstName}}
  5. {{ProspectCompanyName}} x {{YourCompanyName}}

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Events worth attending

The best cold call practices to book more meetings

You spend hours tracking down the right phone number, finding the perfect time to call, and studying cold call icebreakers. Your lead finally answers the phone…and it’s a straight “no”.

If you’re struggling to book meetings through cold calls, this is an event for you. 💪

Join the LIVE session with Owen Richards, Cold call expert, and CEO and Founder of Air Marketing, on November 16 at 6 pm CEST (5 pm GMT/12 pm EST) to book more meetings with cold calls!

You’ll get:

✓ live tear-downs of real cold call scripts
✓ tailored advice on how to start your call, hook leads, and book a demo
✓ real-time answers on all your cold-calling struggles
✓ a recording and recap of the session

P.S. If you want your call to be reviewed for free, you can submit your script here.


Hot on LinkedIn

How to write a catchy LinkedIn headline

A LinkedIn headline is the first thing people see next to your name and helps you get your audience’s attention and grow your follower list.

So, how do you write a LinkedIn headline that hooks your audience to know more about you? 🤓

✘ Instead of writing “Social Media Manager at *company’s name*” which doesn’t say why your audience should connect with you,
✓ write “Follow me to save hours on social media copywriting, community management, and branding” which clearly shows what they can learn from your posts.

If you wanna learn how to write an attention-grabbing LinkedIn headline that helps you build a personal brand, check out Roxana’s post 👇

Take care,

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Guillaume Moubeche
Co-Founder & CEO @lempire | Sharing outreach tips for growing business & leveraging sales AI
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