9 email content mistakes to avoid for more replies

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  • 9 email content mistakes to avoid for more replies
  • 10 “Looking forward to hearing from you” alternatives


9 email content mistakes to avoid for more replies

If your emails are too salesy and don't give your audience any value  – they'll look like spam. You won't get any replies and could even get spam complaints instead..

This often happens because your email content can trigger filters and land your emails in spam.

Here are the top easily-fixable content mistakes to avoid if you want to land your emails in prospects’ inboxes 💪

#1 All caps and special characters

Too many capital letters or special characters (!!, &, ???, etc.) make your emails look unusual and spammy.

Here's what you can do instead:

use bullet points to break up content and make it easier to read

add images or videos to catch your audience's attention

write short paragraphs to make your emails scannable

#2 Clickbait in your subject lines

If the promise you make in your subject line doesn't match the content of your email, your audience might feel tricked and report your email.

#3 Unhealthy image-to-text ratio

Personalized images are a great way to stand out in your audience's inbox. But using too many images and too little text in your email will make it look like spam.

As a rule, one relevant and personalized image in each email is ideal:

P.S. Check out this article and get 6 other email content mistakes to protect your sender's reputation, land emails in your audience's inbox, & get more replies! 👇


10 best alternatives to saying “Looking forward to hearing from you”

An email sign-off should leave a memorable final impression and push your prospects to take action. But many people use email endings that make their message look generic and sent in bulk..

A phrase like "I look forward to hearing from you" might seem casual and familiar, but it's often:

  • overused and makes your email look impersonalized
  • assumptive as it's showing you're surely expecting prospects' action
  • leaving you in the waiting position, not being able to move forward with the conversation

So, what's another way to say you're looking forward to hearing from your prospect? 👀

#1 Align your sign-off with your email's context

e.g., if you share a helpful resource, you can ask for feedback or questions

#2 Use the proper tone of voice

e.g., if you are going for a more friendly vibe, you can use phrases such as

#3 Don't put pressure on your prospects

e.g., aim to start a conversation instead of booking a meeting

P.S. Check out this article to discover the complete list of "Looking forward to hearing from you" alternatives to end your email in a positive tone and boost your reply rates! 👇


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