20+ email greetings to hook your prospects

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Nov 14
7 min.

Heeeey lemlisters,

here's G, and this is your weekly email with actionable tips on how to get replies, book meetings, and grow your business! 🙌

📍 What you’ll find in today’s email:

  • 20+ email greetings to hook your prospects
  • How to sync your leads in Salesforce & boost efficiency


20+ email greetings to hook your prospects

 If you start your emails with generic, non-personalized phrases, there is a high chance you won't hook prospects to read the rest of your email.

An email greeting is a phrase at the beginning of your message that can help you leave a good impression. But, many people use too official or informal greetings that make prospects close emails before reading them..

So, how can you start your cold email without pushing your prospects away? 💪

[  ] Align your email greeting to your prospects' tone of voice

[  ] Personalize your greeting with the prospects' name

[  ] Match your greeting with your email's context

For example,

→ when you’re reaching out for the first time and aren’t sure about the appropriate tone, you can go with:

  • Hi/Hey/Hello {firstName}
  • I hope you're having a great week, {firstName}
  • {name} suggested that I reach out to you...

→ when you want to keep the conversation going and encourage prospects to reply to your follow-up email:

  • As promised {firstName}, here's...
  • Following up on my last email {firstName}...
  • Here's more information {firstName} on...

→ when they reply to you, you can use these greetings to show appreciation and build rapport more easily:

  • Thanks for the quick response {firstName}...
  • Thanks for getting back to me {firstName}...
  • Great to hear from you {firstName}...

P.S. To get 20+ more email greeting examples that will help you get replies, check out this article and boost your outreach results 👇


How to sync leads' data in Salesforce & boost efficiency

Integrating your CRM into your sales engagement tool:

✅ allows you to have your leads' info in one spot

✅ saves you hours on outreach personalization and tracking

✅ improves your overall efficiency

But, migrating data between apps often comes with sync errors and a lack of supported workflows… If you don't know your leads' status, you won't know how to approach them and won't close any deals.

Here’s how you can automatically sync sales workflows between CRM & lemlist without creating clutter:

→ Use automatic triggers to sync leads’ actions

They allow you to create specific activities in your Salesforce CRM based on events in the lemlist by following the logic:

Do THIS in my CRM when THAT happens in lemlist

→ Avoid spam by choosing specific activities you want to sync

As many events are logged for each lead, sending all of them to Salesforce doesn't make sense as it fills your CRM with irrelevant info.

Instead, you can choose the exact activities you want to send to CRM

  • on a team level:

  • on a campaign level:

P.S. If you're still not growing your business with lemlist, you can test this integration by signing up for a free trial 🚀


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Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
$0 to $20M ARR in 5 years bootstrapped | I share tips on how to grow a profitable SaaS business | Founder & CEO @lempire (lemlist, lemwarm, lemcal, taplio, tweethunter)
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